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1. online chat Enterprise Networks can use Sip/RTP or H.323 with higher service quality. Available on the InternetXMPP(Original jabber, standardized by IETF rfc3920), Gtalk,OpenfireIs implemented based on XMPP It is also improved by referring to the XMPP protocol and ActiveSync. XMPP itself uses HTTP long-chain connections. It is not recommended to use the round robin method. HipmobIs an open-source chat system. The server uses node. js for implementation: Https://github.com/Hipmob/c

Distributed Systems reading notes (eight)-----distributed objects and components

implemented a lot of Di (Dependency injection) control in the way of annotation annotations. By injecting, you can intercept multiple calls, and you can do what you want to do, such as ACL access control, or log operations, and so on.3, fractal is a lightweight distributed Component Services, he can also support multiple languages. His core consists of 2 parts, a server-side interface and a client interface.4, fractal has a similar structure with EJB

Distributed Systems Reading notes (17)-----Distributed transactions

transaction in the execution of the process of saving a temporary, the format of 3, loggingLog technology acts as a record of transaction history in the process of recovering transactions. Through the completion of the transaction commit, constantly at the end of the recovery file append content, to complete the record, in order to do the recovery operation, from the back to the forward recovery.4, shadow versionsShadow versions technology uses an adjustable way to organize a recovery file. Bec

Distributed Systems reading notes (20)-----Distributed Multimedia system

IntroductionToday's distributed systems have become more and more to the application of distributed multimedia systems to go on the trend. The application of multimedia is essentially a consumption of continuous data flow. Audio and video are composed of audio sample and video frame. Sometimes because of the network co

Distributed Systems reading notes (12)-----Distributed File System

system is also a distributed file system. AFS's initial design goal was to serve large-scale users and nodes, and his high scalability was a major feature of the device. One of his most effective strategies is to cache hundreds of users ' most recently used files in the client.1, AFS includes 2 important components, Venus and Vice, the former client, the latter in the server. The file service is implemented in Vice, the directory is implemented in Ve

The principle of consistency of distributed systems __ distributed

For distributed systems, we must deeply understand and remember one thing: the unreliability of distributed systems. "Reliability" means that the system can run continuously without fault, and if a system is accidentally down or is not working properly, then he is an unreliable system, even if the downtime and unusable

Zookeeper: a distributed collaboration service program for Distributed Systems

failedReliability To show the system behavior when a node fails, we run the same benchmark test on a ZooKeeper service consisting of seven machines as in the previous section, but this time we fixed the write operation percentage to 30%, which is a conservative estimate of the expected load ratio.There are several points worth looking. First, if the followers fail to quickly recover, ZooKeeper can maintain a high throughput. But more importantly, the leader's election algorithm allows the syste

External zookeeper-based Glusterfs as a fully distributed HBase cluster Installation guide for Distributed file systems

(WJW) External zookeeper-based Glusterfs as a fully distributed HBase cluster Installation guide for Distributed file systems[X] Prerequisites Server list: hbase84#Hbase-master hbase85#Hbase-regionserver,zookeeper hbase86#Hbase-regionserver,zookeeper hbase87#Hbase-regionserver,

Distributed System IV: Indirect communication __ Distributed systems

is essentially a one-to-many communication paradigm. Application Scenario: 1. Financial Information Systems 2. Other areas of direct input to real time data (including RSS feeds) 3. Support for collaborative work where there is a need to inform many participants of events of common interest 4. Support is ubiquitous in computing, including managing time from ubiquitous infrastructure (e.g., location events) 5. A range of monitoring applications, inclu

Distributed (one)--characteristics of distributed systems

A: IntroductionCharacteristics of distributed SystemsConcurrentLack of global clocksFault IndependenceTwo: examplesWeb SearchMassively multiplayer Online gamesFinancial transactionsThree: Trends in distributed systemsUbiquitous networking and modern internetMobile and Ubiquitous ComputingDistributed multi-media systemTreat distributed computing as a public facili

Details about Distributed Systems

Distributed Software Systems (Distributed Software Systems) is a Software system that supports Distributed processing and executes tasks in a multi-processor architecture interconnected by a communication network. It includes distributed

Mnesia-a robust Distributed DBMS for telecommunication application systems

. Mnesia is a multi-user Distributed DBMS written in Erlang to implement industrial telecom application systems. Erlang is also an ideal language for mnesia operations. Mnesia tries to cover all the issues related to data management in telecommunications systems. It has many uncommon features in traditional databases. Telecom applications have many feature requir

Theory base of distributed systems-CAP

IntroductionCAP is the most discussed theory in distributed systems, especially distributed storage, "What is the cap theorem?" "Ranking FAQs in the Quora Distributed Systems category. Cap in the programmer also has a broader popularity, it is not only "C, A, p can not meet

Some popular Distributed file systems (Hadoop, Lustre, MogileFS, FreeNAS, Fastdfs, Googlefs)

nodes and ensure the dynamic balance of each node, so the processing speed is very fast. High fault tolerance. Hadoop can automatically save multiple copies of data and automatically reassign failed tasks. Low cost. Compared to data marts such as All-in-one, commercial data warehouses and Qlikview, Yonghong Z-suite, Hadoop is open source and the software cost of the project is greatly reduced. Hadoop has a framework written in the Java language, so it's ideal to run on a Linux production platfo

Cap Theory for Distributed systems

tolerance partition fault tolerancePartition fault tolerance means "the system continues to operate despite arbitrary message loss or failure of part of the system", that is, distributed systems encountering a node or network partition so Can still provide services that meet consistency and availability. partitioning is closely related to fault tolerance and extensibility .In

Initial knowledge of distributed systems

what is a distributed system。 Lamport is defined as: "If you have never heard of a computer crash causing you to do nothing, it means that you are dealing with a distributed system." A more general definition is that a distributed system is a combination of several independent computers that, for the user, are like a single related system.the most

Key points and key points of Distributed Systems

Key points and key points of Distributed Systems Key Points of Distributed Systems A distributed system is a software system built on a network. It is precisely because of the characteristics of software that distributed

Distributed Systems (1)---EJB

architecture. EJB is in accordance with Java Server interface-defined Java class, which can be understood as a special Java class, placed in the container can help the class management transactions, distributed, security, etc., generally small programs will not be used, only large distributed systems will be used EJB . Because the particles are small, they can b

Reprint: Cap Theory for distributed systems

model. AP wihtout C: To be highly available and allow partitioning, you need to discard the consistency. Once a partition occurs, the nodes may lose contact, and in order to be highly available, each node can only serve with local data, which can result in inconsistencies in global data. Many of the NoSQL classes now fall into this category. For most large-scale Internet applications, the host is numerous, the deployment is scattered, and now the cluster size is increasing, so node fai

SAP Hana Distributed Systems and high availability (i)

Extract: In a real-world production environment, the distributed systems of SAP Hana are common, because as data volumes expand, often single-machine sap HANA tends to become more and more strained, so it's necessary to build a distributed system that distracts query pressure and keeps SAP Hana high-speed. On the other hand, in the actual production environment,

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