dividing function operations

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1.3 arithmetic and logical operations

1. arithmetic operation points (1) shift operation ① Original code shift: the original code does not change the form of the original code when performing arithmetic shift left or arithmetic shift right. Shifts one digit to the left is equal to

(reprint) Hello, C + + (25) function call and the story behind it 5.1.2 function call mechanism

5.1.2 function call mechanismIn the previous study, we mentioned the concept of "call function" many times. The so-called function, that is, the execution of control of the program from the caller (a function) to the called function, while passing

Relational operations-Database system principles

The relational model has three important components: Data. All the data in the database and its interlinkages are organized into "relationships" (two-dimensional forms). Data manipulation. The relational model provides a complete set

C # logic operations

&, ^ ,! And | operators are called logical operators. Operators are used to connect computing objects with C # syntax. Operators are called logical expressions. Logical operator "!" And "^" only act on the subsequent operands, so it is called The

Js floating-point operations and js floating-point operations

Js floating-point operations and js floating-point operations Problem Introduction: today, when processing the phase multiplication of two numbers in front-end js, there is a precision deviation: 1.2*3 = 3.9999999995, which should have been 3.6.

"0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 08-Basic operations

directory of this document First, arithmetic operators Second, assignment operator The increment operator and the self-decrement operator Iv. sizeof Five, comma operator Vi. Relational operators Seven, logical

Java bit Operations

One, Java bit operation1. Presentation method:In the Java language, the binary number is represented by a complement, the highest bit is the sign bit, the sign bit for positive numbers is 0, and the negative is 1. The complement representation needs

Bit operations in C #, non-logical ~, Logical and &, logical or |, logical XOR or ^, logical left shift

Turn... Bit operations in C #, non-logical ~, Logical and &, logical or |, logical XOR or ^, logical left shift In C #, we will use in-place operations. For example, to determine whether a number is the power of 2, how to determine whether a

C # Bitwise operations

in C #, you can perform a bitwise logical operation on an integer operand. The meaning of the bitwise logical operation is that each bit of the operand is taken sequentially, and the logical operation of each bit is the result of each bit of the

NumPy Library common function record (keep updating) __ function

numpy common function Records Arange ([Start,] stop[, SETP,], Dtype = None): The function returns a ndarray type of data, rather than a list type data, in which the start parameter specifies the starting position of the array to be created, the

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