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Little Cai server's DIY experience

Cai is the network manager of Enterprise A's information center. The information center is very competent and has A wide range of transactions, so many things have fallen into Cai's head. It is common to lay the ground and stay up late to debug

"My technology is my decision" it cock silk DIY esxi virtualization server Upgrade again ESXI6.0

Earlier I wrote an article about the "it cock Silk DIY esxi virtualization Server Record" link address:, This is mainly on the original basis for an upgrade, from the ESXI5.5 upgrade to ESXI6.0, which

Ambari Series (four): Based on Ambari do two times development (DIY)

PrefaceAmbari can build, manage the Hadoop cluster, this is a cool thing, make the cluster management become easy, but there may also be some of their own needs, if I want to do two times based on Ambari to develop DIY, modify the interface, add

Comprehensive Outpatient Service | skill collection | DIY Comprehensive Practical Skills

Escape IE7 verification with ease During IE7 installation, do not click Verify during the verification step. Go to the System Disk: \ Documents ents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Windows Genuine Advantage \ data to set data. move

General Outpatient | Skill Collection | DIY Comprehensive Practical Skills _ website Application

easily escaped IE7 verificationWhen installing IE7, do not point to verification when you go to the verification step, enter the system disk: \documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Data to move the Data.dat file to the

The ERP or database of a small company should use PC or server

The customer is very poor or the boss is very stingy. Can the company's website, ERP or database replace server with PC? Large enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and the financial industry do not have the above problems. However, you must be able

Vernacular development--DIY Android source code

In the Android Studio code debugging article, there are a few tips on how to debug Android studio code. Now, let's talk about some of the things Android source compiles. (I think that as Android developer everyone should have a copy of their own

Personal server setup is actually very simple

When you plan to build a personal server, you should consider some related factors: the services to be provided on the server, the hardware configurations recommended by related service software, including the processor speed, hard disk size, memory

Create a dual-nic Server Load balancer (improving upload/download efficiency) [copy]

Create a dual-nic Server Load balancer (improving upload and download efficiency) Create a dual-nic Server Load balancer (improving upload and download efficiency) Author:★Source of the sub-blog article: site original clicks: 517

Server anti-hacker and Trojan attack security Settings Summary _win server

Security Policy: Open Administrative ToolsLocate local security settings. Local policy. Security options1. Interactive Landing. Do not need to press Ctrl+alt+del to enable [according to individual needs, enable relatively good, but I personally do

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