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Collection of Django Resources

Document directory CMS Forum Debugging Database Upgrade Unclassified Looking for Django resources, the Wiki on the official website is also a good place. Http:// Django Official Website

Django Resource Encyclopedia Recently, I've seen the introduction of the Django-related extensions in this section, and one of its extensions writes a post that doesn't feel necessary. A list of previously collated Django resources that was

Django learning sequence and entry requirements?

No web development experience or background. It has basic C language and python syntax. What are the basic requirements for django learning? What is the learning sequence of django? The time was quite short. I made a hand-stretched party that I had

Quick start of the Django framework

1. What's Django? Django is an advanced Python WEB framework that was originally designed by the Lawrence Publishing Group in Canada to manage the content of its news sites. It encourages rapid development and cleanliness and is responsible for

Python's Django Framework installation full guide

Python Installation Django itself is written in pure Python, so the first step in installing the framework is to make sure you have Python installed.Python version The core Django Framework can work on any Python version between 2.3 and 2.6

Django Study Notes (6): Django Site Management

1. Django Site Management It is really convenient and you don't have to develop it on your own, but it is often the enterprise-level background. I feel that the functions and beautification of the Django site background are not very good. Here is an

Django Official tutorial (10) "Advanced content: Writing reusable Applications"

Advanced content: How to write reusable applications This article starts at the end of part seventh (en) of the tutorial. We will translate the previously written survey application into a separate Python package that can be reused in new projects

5 Favorite open-source Django packages

Django builds on the idea of "reusable applications [1]": self-contained packages provide reusable features. You can assemble these reusable apps and build your own site with the specific code that applies to your site. Django has a rich ecosystem

How to build a website easily and easily-based on Django

I. Required tools and related environment1. System: WIN7,WIN8.1,WIN10 (pro-Test available-this is win7,64 bit)2. The version used in this article is:1) python-2.7.11 "Baidu Cloud Disk Share:"2) Django-1.6.11 "Baidu

A comprehensive explanation of PythonWeb development framework Django

Django is an open-source Web application framework written in Python. Using the MVC software design model, the main goal is to make the development of complex, database-driven websites easy. Django focuses on component reusability and "pluggable",

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