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Django Rest swagger Generate API documentation

About SwaggerSwagger can be one of the most popular rest APIs documentation generation tools for the following reasons: Swagger can generate an interactive API console that developers can use to quickly learn and experiment with the API. Swagger can generate client SDK code for implementations on a variety of different platforms. Swagger files ca

Django-rest-framework Tutorial: Quick Start

variables allows us to better control API behavior, which is the recommended way to use it.4. URLs # tutorial/ FromDjango.Conf.URLsImportPatterns,Url,IncludeFromRest_frameworkImportRoutersFromQuickStartImportViews Router=Routers.Defaultrouter()Router.Register(R' Users ',Views.Userviewset)Router.Register(R' Groups ',Views.Groupviewset) # wire up our API

Activiti Rest API Tutorial{"Data": [{"id": "]", "name": "Demo Processes", "deploymenttime": "2018-08-01t10:02:11.212+08:00", "category" : Null, "url": "Http://", "TenantId": ""}], " Total ": 1," Start ": 0," sort ":" id "," Order ":" ASC "," Size ": 1}Http://

Django-rest-framework quick start,

Django-rest-framework quick start, The first contact with django-rest-framework was during the internship. I didn't understand it at the time, and it was awesome to see that the view was written using the class method. Because the official website is in English, there is still a little resistance to my learning, so I d

Serialization of django-rest-framework,

Serialization of django-rest-framework, Preface:I learned about rest-framework serialization yesterday, so I wrote a blog record. Official Website: Frontend and backend Separation: Fron

Django rest framework requests and responses (detailed description), djangoframework

Django rest framework requests and responses (detailed description), djangoframework In the previous article, the specified data is returned when a specified URL is accessed, which also reflects the RESTful API concept. Each URL represents a resource. Of course, we also know that another feature of RESTful APIS is that different request actions will return differ

Django rest framework basic introduction and sample code, djangoframework

Django rest framework basic introduction and sample code, djangoframework This article focuses on Django rest framework and shares example as follows. The Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for Building Web A

Django rest framework1

= 'post': Return httpresponse ('create Order') Elif request. method = 'put': Return httpresponse ('Update Order') Elif request. method = 'delete': Return httpresponse ('delete Order') based on CBV: urlpatterns = [url (R' ^ order/', views. orderview. as_view ()] class orderview (View): def get (self, request, * ARGs, ** kwargs): Return httpresponse ('get Order') def post (self, request, * ARGs, ** kwargs): Return httpresponse ('create Order') def put (self, request, * ARGs, ** kwargs ): return h

Django Rest Framework-Relational and Hyperlink APIs

currently the relationships in our API are represented by a primary key. in This part of the tutorial, we will improve the cohesion and discovery of the API, rather than using hyperlinks to make relationships. Create an endpoint for the root of our APINow we have the endpoints of ' snippets ' and ' users ', but our API

Source code Anatomy of the Django REST Framework authentication method and custom authentication

Source code Anatomy of the Django REST Framework authentication method By the Django CBV mode flow, you can know the url匹配完成后,会执行自定义的类中的as_view方法 . If there is no definition in the custom class as_view方法 , depending on the inheritance of classes in the object-oriented class, you can会执行其父类View中的as_view方法 在Django的View的as

Python "24th Lesson" Django Rest Framework

The content of this section Django Rest Framework Installation Django Rest framwwork Environment configuration Simple example Description Using the rest framework in Django 1.1 Installing the

Django rest framework (2) ---- permission

]     The global settings configuration is as follows: # Global rest_framework = {"default_permission_classes": ['api. utils. Permission. svippremission'],}   Three built-in Permissions Django-rest-framework built-in permission basepermission By default, there is no restriction on permissions. class BasePermission(object): """ A base class from which all

Use Serializermethodfield in the Django REST framework to optimize unnecessary queries

Fields = (' id ',' article ',' comment ',' create_user_id ',' Create_user_name ',' Create_time ') First, the article_comments attribute is removed in Articleserializer; Then add an attribute article_comments_count to the Articleserializer and append this attribute to the Meta fields list; Add a Get_article_comments_count method with a naming convention that adds a "get_" prefix to the attribute declared above and accepts an obj parameter, which is the current article object ins

Django Learning Rest Framework's token verification function optimization

This article shares with you the rest framework's token-related content in Django, so let's take a look at it and hopefully help you learn about Django.API communication uses token + SSL, simplifying and facilitating the invocation of script on line. Django version 1.8.16, djangorestframework version 3.5.3, with Rest_framework.authtoken.views.obtain_auth_token an

Django-rest-framework's JSON Web token way to complete user authentication

Introduction to JSON Web token: 748467231. Installation$ pip Install DJANGORESTFRAMEWORK-JWT2. Add a configurationRest_framework = { 'default_authentication_classes': ( ' rest_framework.authentication.BasicAuthentication', ' Rest_framework.authentication.SessionAuthentication', ' Rest_framework_jwt.authentication.JSONWebTokenAuthentication', ),} 3. Add a URL from Import Obtain_jwt_token # ...   = [ ' ', # ... # JWT Authentication interface URL (r'^

Django REST Framework Chapter Fifth Relationships & hyperlinked APIs

So far, the relationships within the API are represented by using primary keys. In this tutorial, we will improve the cohesion and visibility of the API by using hyperlinks on the interrelationships.Creating An endpoint for the root of our APINow that we have the snippets and users terminals, there is no single endpoint pointing to our

Django Rest Framework-Exception, return value processing and paging implementation

": "VVVVVVV", "staff": { c10/> "Phone": "Xxxxxxxxxx", "username": "Yuan"}} Fail: Failure uses the above exception for processing: Custom_exception_handler { "code": 404, "desc": "Not found. " } three. Paging Implementation As shown in the result return value, many uses need to implement paging functionality, but the Django Rest Framework has its own paging capabilities that can

Django Rest Framework Association Relationship--serializer Relations__django

Turn from: Serializer Relations Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships. -linus Torvalds Relational fields are used to represent model relationships. They can be applied to ForeignKey, Manytomanyfield andonetoonefield relationships, as-as-

Routing of the Python-django rest Framework Framework

Pagination_class=P2 Third class: Automatically help us to generate four kinds of url,index/$,index/(? p)$ fromRest_framework.routersImportDefaultrouter Router=Defaultrouter () router.register ('Index', views. Indexviewset) Urlpatterns=[url (r'^', include (Router.urls)),]classIndexviewset (viewsets. Modelviewset): Queryset=models. UserInfo.objects.all () Serializer_class=Indexserializer Pagination_class=P2classIndexserializer (serializers. Modelserializer):classMeta:model=models. UserInf

Compiling RESTful API in Django (1): serialization, djangorestful

Environment First of all, it is used in the virtual environment. This is not to mention, the package that needs to be used: Pip install djangopip install djangorestframeworkpip install pygments # used for code highlighting Other development environments: -Pycharm 2017-Win 10-Python 3.5Start Create a project named tutorial, and then create an snippets APP in this project: startproject tutori

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