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Django-rest-framework quick start,

Django-rest-framework quick start, The first contact with django-rest-framework was during the internship. I didn't understand it at the time, and it was awesome to see that the view was written using the class method. Because the

Python-django Rest Framework Framework Page

1. Previously Django-made paging components, when the amount of data is particularly large, performance is not very high, there are three ways to handle:A. Record the last data ID of the current access page, and fetch the number of entriesB. Display up to 120 pagesC. Encrypt page numbers (show previous page, next page only) Framework PagingFrom rest_framewo

Routing of the Python-django rest Framework Framework

Pagination_class=P2 Third class: Automatically help us to generate four kinds of url,index/$,index/(? p)$ fromRest_framework.routersImportDefaultrouter Router=Defaultrouter () router.register ('Index', views. Indexviewset) Urlpatterns=[url (r'^', include (Router.urls)),]classIndexviewset (viewsets. Modelviewset): Queryset=models. UserInfo.objects.all () Serializer_class=Indexserializer Pagination_class=P2classIndexserializer (serializers. Modelserializer):classMeta:model=models. UserInf

View of the Python-django Rest Framework Framework

fromApi.serializers.indexImportIndexserializerclassP2 (pagenumberpagination):#number of data bars displayed per pageMax_page_size = 5page_size= 2Page_size_query_param='size' #Page NumberPage_query_param ='page' classIndexview (viewsets. Modelviewset):#you can also not inherit Modelviewset, inherit a few of the above classes, there are only a few methodsQueryset =models. UserInfo.objects.all () Serializer_class=Indexserializer Pagination_class=P2

Python-django REST Framework Framework Parser

,'_data'):#调用_parse method Self._data, Self._files=Self._parse ()def_parse (self):#调用 the Select_parser method of the Defaultcontentnegotiation class, see below Parser= Self.negotiator.select_parser (self, self.parsers)#self.parser = configured object list for resolved classes at the time of package request #self.negotiator = self._default_negotiator () = Api_settings. Default_content_negotiation_class () if notparser:#if the return none description does not match, throws

Django rest framework basic introduction and sample code, djangoframework

Django rest framework basic introduction and sample code, djangoframework This article focuses on Django rest framework and shares example as follows. The Django

Django rest framework requests and responses (detailed description), djangoframework

Django rest framework requests and responses (detailed description), djangoframework In the previous article, the specified data is returned when a specified URL is accessed, which also reflects the RESTful API concept. Each URL represents a resource. Of course, we also know that another feature of RESTful APIS is that different request actions will return differ

Serialization of django-rest-framework,

Serialization of django-rest-framework, Preface:I learned about rest-framework serialization yesterday, so I wrote a blog record. Official Website:

Source code Anatomy of the Django REST Framework authentication method and custom authentication

Source code Anatomy of the Django REST Framework authentication method By the Django CBV mode flow, you can know the url匹配完成后,会执行自定义的类中的as_view方法 . If there is no definition in the custom class as_view方法 , depending on the inheritance of classes in the object-oriented class, you can会执行其父类View中的as_view方法 在

Python "24th Lesson" Django Rest Framework

The content of this section Django Rest Framework Installation Django Rest framwwork Environment configuration Simple example Description Using the rest framework i

Django Rest Framework user authentication

BaseAuthentication 类: django rest framework 通过 BaseAuthentication 实现认证功能 无论是自定义的认证类还是 rest framework 自带的认证类都应该继承 BaseAuthentication BaseAuthentication 中有两个方法 authenticate 和 authenticate_header, 其中 authenticate 方法必须实现 如果用户需要自定义认证方法则继承 BaseAuthentication 重写 authenticate 方法即可??

Django REST Framework Implementation

def get(self,request): response=Response(200,{'description':'Some example content', 'url':reverse('mixin-view')}) return self.render(response)urlpatterns = patterns('', # Examples: # url(r'^$', 'djrest.views.home', name='home'), # url(r'^djrest/', include('')), # Uncomment the admin/doc line below to enable admin documentation: # url(r'^admin/doc/', include('django.contrib.admindocs.urls')), # Uncomment

Use Serializermethodfield in the Django REST framework to optimize unnecessary queries

Use Serializermethodfield in the Django REST framework to optimize unnecessary queriesFirst look at an example, in general, for objects that have parent-child relationships, we use the following method to create the class.A article class in which a article object can have multiple comment instances, the class in Django

Django-rest-framework Tutorial: Quick Start

1. SettingsWe created the Django Project tutorial, and the app QuickStart: # Create a new Django Project Django-admin. # Use Virtualenvwrapper to create virtualenv# install Django and Django REST

Django REST framework Reverse Build URL

Django REST frameworkis a framework based on Django , and REST framework How is it? 反向生成url ?In the previous example, you know that REST framework

Django Rest Framework-Exception, return value processing and paging implementation

I. Anomalies When using the Django Rest framework, if an exception occurs, it is often shown as follows: {"Detail": "Not allowed."} But the backstage often wants the common pattern: { "desc": "Not allowed.", "code": +, "data": null } The official website document is very clear, we need to customize exception handling, and then configure it, suc

Django rest framework (2) ---- permission

]     The global settings configuration is as follows: # Global rest_framework = {"default_permission_classes": ['api. utils. Permission. svippremission'],}   Three built-in Permissions Django-rest-framework built-in permission basepermission By default, there is no restriction on permissions. class BasePermission(object): """ A base class from which all

Django Rest Framework-Relational and Hyperlink APIs

settings:REST_FRAMEWORK = { ‘PAGE_SIZE‘: 10}Note that the settings in the REST framework are named a single dictionary setting called "Rest_framework", which helps to keep a good separation from your other project settings.We can also customize the paging style if we also need to, but in this case we will stick to the default.Browse APIIf we open the browser and navigate to the Browsable API, you can learn

Django-rest-framework's JSON Web token way to complete user authentication

[] defCreate (self, request, *args, **kwargs):#User Login Return tokenSerializer = Self.get_serializer ( serializer.is_valid (raise_exception=True)#re_dict = Post DataPayload = Jwt_payload_handler (self.request.user)#Print (payload)Token_str =Jwt_encode_handler (payload) Headers=self.get_success_headers ( (Token_str, Status=status. http_201_created, Headers=headers)Official website:

Simple use of Django REST framework, djangoframework

Simple use of Django REST framework, djangoframework See for details DRF has a serializer concept. The function is to convert various Django Queryset and model instances to Python native formats, saving the type problems you face when writing APIs, you c

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