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[Python] [Django Learning Article] [4]django Complete database code translation: Migrating Database (Migration)

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Django 1.9.6 Official Document Part II (Chinese translation)

install Django:• Installing Jango through the operating system's software management tools is the quickest method.• Install the official release version. This is the best choice for most users.• Install the latest development version. This applies to those who prefer to use the latest and most comprehensive features without worrying about the code risk. In the development version, you may encounter a new bug, please escalate it to help Django's devel

Parse engine official documentation translation for Django support

Parse engine official documentation translation for Django support 6. Django support Note: The specified engine has been updated to support Django1.5. 6.1 connection In setting. in The py file, the standard setting is ignored, that is, the default setting (unless you want to use the ORM mode in your project), and the module calls the connect () function somewhe

Django & celery–easy Async Task Processing translation

taskYou can directly use T to query the task. Say-t.status Get_task_status ({' Status ': U ' PROGRESS ', ' PROGRESS ': 0} (after secs delay) Get_task_status ({' Status ': U ' PROGRESS ', ' PROGRESS ': 30} (After waiting for another + secs or so) Get_task_status ({' Status ': U ' SUCCESS ', ' Progress ': 100}$ python manage. PY Shell [Snipped] Fro

Django URL Dispatcher document translation

follow the active language (not yet understood here, this should and python internationalization related) translation URLs for details , see: internationalizationdocumentation.How Django handles a requestWhen a user requests a page from your Django site,The system determines which Python code should be executed according to the following arithmetic rules:

Use inert translation objects in Django models and common functions

This article mainly introduces how to use a inert translation object in Django models and common functions. Django is the most popular in a variety of Python frameworks, for more information about how to mark strings, see using ugettext_lazy () and ungettext_lazy () in models and common functions. When you use these objects elsewhere in your code, you should be s

Use Django templates to work with string translation

This article mainly introduces how to use Django templates to work with string translation. Django is the most popular Python development framework. if you need them, refer to the Django template to use two template tags, the syntax format is somewhat different from that of Python code. To enable the template to access

Usage of the "inert translation" method in Django

This article mainly introduces the use of Django's "inert translation" method. Django is the most popular Pythonweb development framework. if you need it, refer to using django. utils. translation. the gettext_lazy () function allows the value to be translated only when accessed, rather than when gettext_lazy () is cal

Use Django templates to work with string translation

The Django template uses two template tags, and the syntax format is slightly different from the Python code. To make the template accessible to the tag, you need to put {% load i18n%} at the front of the template. This {% trans%} template tag translates a constant string (enclosed in single or double quotes) or variable content: {% trans "this is the title."%}{% trans MyVar%} If the NOOP option is available, the variable query is valid but the

The use of the "lazy translation" method in Django

Use the Django.utils.translation.gettext_lazy () function so that the values are translated only when they are accessed, rather than when Gettext_lazy () is invoked. For example: To translate a model's help_text, proceed as follows: From django.utils.translation import Ugettext_lazyclass mything (models. Model): name = models. Charfield (' Help_text=ugettext_lazy (' The Help Text ')) In this example, Ugettext_lazy () stores the string as an inert reference, rather than actually translating i

Use lazy translation objects in Django models and common functions

( , line 523) Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent. When result itself is used with a string, the lazy translation in result will only be converted to a string (usually in the template render time).Allow_lazy () modifier Django provides a number of function functions (e.g., taking a string as their first argument and doing something about that string). (especially

String translation in the Django framework in Python

examples above, for the use of variables or computed values, one thing to note is that the Django String Detection Tool,, will not be able to find these strings.) Later, there will be more discussion in the makemessages. The string you pass to _ () or GetText () can accept placeholders that are specified by the Python standard-named string inserted in the syntax. For example: def my_view (Request, M, D): output = _ (' Today is% (mo

Use django-suit to add a template for the django 1.7 admin background, django-suitdjango

Use django-suit to add a template for the django 1.7 admin background, django-suitdjango It seems a bit problematic to use inline in django-grappelli. For another skin: Django-suit is the second admin skin recommended by 2scoops.Supports:

Django Official Documentation 1.6 study notes-Write your first Django program

. (There may be a problem with the translation)The cached template loader is a class-based loader so you configure with a list of other loaders that it should wrap. The wrapped loaders is used to locate unknown templates when they is first encountered. The cached loader then stores the compiled Template in memory. The cached templateinstance is returned for subsequent requests to load the same template.Like what:Template_loaders= ((' Django.template.l

Ubuntu+django+nginx+uwsgi Ubuntu python django Ubuntu installs Django Ubuntu Django mysq

1. Install Pip sudo apt-get install Python-pip 2. Install Django and create the project Pip Install Startproject MySite CD MySite 3, Installation Python2.7-dev sudo apt-get install Python2.7-dev 4, Installation Uwsig sudo python2.7-m pip install Uwsgi 5. Then go to the directory to find the created project Create # test.pyDEF application (env, Start_response

Django Entry record 2 Django case Django build Django Project

1. Create an app, Python startapp appname 2. Design model, edit the model in the appname/directory 3. Detection of model changes, Python makemigrations appname 4. Automating database migrations and synchronizing the management database structure, Python sqlmigrate 0001 5. Create a data table for the newly defined model in the database Python migrate Steps to change the model: Edit the file to change the model. Run python mak

Collection of Django Resources

Document directory CMS Forum Debugging Database Upgrade Unclassified Looking for Django resources, the Wiki on the official website is also a good place. Http:// Django Official Website Django document Django step by step was the best getting started tuto

Nginx + gevent + Django High concurrency configuration Django case Django build site Django

Startup scripts #!/usr/bin/env pythonfrom gevent Import Monkey; Monkey.patch_all () from gevent import wsgifrom mysite.wsgi Import applicationhost = ' ' PORT = 8080# set Spawn=none For Memcachewsgi. Wsgiserver (HOST, PORT), application). Serve_forever () Gevent is a greenlet-based Python concurrency framework that uses the Epoll event monitoring mechanism and many other optimizations to be efficient, with a micro-threading Greenlet as its core. Official website:

Youdao Translation official iOS version to increase the copy translation function easy to achieve cross application translation

In the new version of the Youdao iOS 1.3, the new copy translation function, become the first support across the application of the translation of paragraph translation applications, users only need to select the sentence or paragraph to be translated, click "Copy", you can achieve across the application translation. I

Django Resource Encyclopedia Recently, I've seen the introduction of the Django-related extensions in this section, and one of its extensions writes a post that doesn't feel necessary. A list of previously collated Django resources that was transferred from my wiki. The wiki on the official website is also a good place to find Django resources. Http://code.d

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