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Compile the aspx file into a DLL file

Asp.net is not a simple ASP upgrade, but Microsoft. an important part of the net plan, which relies on. net multi-language and powerful class library support, introduced the Server HTML control and web control, automatically process the control of

Compile the asp.net 2.0 project to the dll file for reprinting

Asp.net is not a simple asp upgrade, but Microsoft. It is an important part of the Net plan. Net multi-language and powerful class library support, introduced the Server HTML control and WEB control, automatic processing of control client and server

Log Parser: A Powerful Microsoft log analysis tool

Log parser is a log analysis tool developed by Microsoft. It is powerful and easy to use. It can analyze text-based log files, XML files, and CSV files (comma delimiter) file, as well as the operating system event log, registry, file system, active

Use acctinfo. DLL to learn more about ad user accounts

Source:Http://winiw.netAuthor:EnigmaDescription Acctinfo. DLL is a dynamic link library file. After registering this dynamic link library file, the administrator can view User attributes through the "Active Directory users and computers" console,

HTML Agility Pack: simple and easy-to-use HTML Parser

Codeplex software Package information Suite name HTML Agility Pack Author Simon Mourier Current version 1.4.0 Beta 2 URL Http://htmlagilitypack.codeplex.com/ Ease of use Medium The

Anlr SQL parser code

In the blog, I wrote an article about the SQL parser-OQL implemented by anlr, which roughly describes a simple SQL parser implemented by anlr. Many people are interested in anlr and want to provide the source code of this project as a reference.

Execute log parser using C #

Com through. NET FrameworkInterOP(COM Interactive Operation) features, can be easily applied in. netProgramUsing Log parser,. NET Framework comInterOPIs implemented through runtime callable wrappers (RCW) for com operations, RCW is a class in. net.

Windows, Python calls the DLL example to show how to pass the byte stream parameter to the DLL interface

Work on the need to use Python call DLL parsing stream output to a file, how to call DLL many blogs have a description, please refer to the following blog:How to invoke please refer to:http://blog.csdn.net/lf8289/article/details/2322550For Windll

An error occurred while calling txmldocument in DLL!

An error occurred while calling txmldocument in DLL! Delphi/Windows SDK/API Http://www.delphi2007.net/DelphiBase/html/delphi_20061218133656127.html When I use XML to read and write data in a DLL, such as configuration, an error occurs after each

Java Call DLL or so dynamic library file (C++/C)

Java Call DLL or so dynamic library file (C++/C) Blog Category: Job Cc#c++javaeclipse Java Call DLL or so dynamic library file (C++/C) development platform: ECLIPSE3.3.1.1+CDT (cdt-master-4.0.3) +mingw (MinGW-5.1.4)One: The

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