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Interview questions: What is the difference between fast failure (fail-fast) and security failure (fail-safe) in Java?

One: Rapid failure (fail-fast)When traversing a collection object with an iterator, if the contents of the collection object are modified (added, deleted, modified) during traversal, the concurrent modification Exception is thrown.Principle: The iterator accesses the contents of the collection directly during traversal, and uses a Modcount variable during traversal. When a collection is traversed, the value of Modcount is changed if the content change

A quick fail (fail-fast) mechanism in the Java Collection framework

[--size] =NULL;//Clear to let GC do it work returnOldValue;}Private void Rangecheck(intIndex) {if(Index >= size)Throw NewIndexoutofboundsexception (outofboundsmsg(index));} You can see that the variable modcount is self-increasing when the remove operation ?? The collection classes under the Ps:java.util package are fast-failing and cannot be modified in parallel under multiple threads (iterative process).Security Failure (Fail-Safe)

Fail-fast vs Fail-Safe Iterator in Java

Reference[1] collections which is there from Java 1.2 (or even legacy) like ArrayList, vectors, HashSet, HashMap all has fail- Fast iterator whereas Concurrent collections added in Java 1.5 like Concurrrenthashmap, Copyonwritearraylist, copyonw Ritearrayset has

[Reprint] Fail-fast summary (through ArrayList to explain the principle of fail-fast, solutions)

Description: Reprinted from the front, we have learned ArrayList. Next, we take ArrayList as an example to understand the fail-fast mechanism of iterator. The content includes:1 Fail-fast Introduction2 Fail-fast Example3 Fail-fast Solutions4

Java Collection Series 04 Fail-fast summary (through ArrayList to illustrate the principle of fail-fast, solutions)

Http:// the front, we have learned ArrayList. Next, we take ArrayList as an example to understand the fail-fast mechanism of iterator. The content includes:1 Fail-fast Introduction2 Fail-fast Example3 Fail-fast Solutions4 Fail

The difference between fail-fast and fail-safe in Java

Original address: Before we discuss the differences between the two mechanisms in detail, we first need to understand the concurrency changes. 1. What is sync modification? When one or more threads are traversing a collection collection, another thread modifies the contents of th

Java (Part 3 and 4) ----- fail-fast mechanism, java ----- fail-fast

Java (Part 3 and 4) ----- fail-fast mechanism, java ----- fail-fast In the JDK Collection, we often see something similar to this: For example, ArrayList: Note: The Fast failure behavior of the iterator cannot be guaranteed, because in general, it is impossible to make any hard guarantee for non-synchronous concurrent modifications. The quick failure iterator will do its best to throw ConcurrentModificati

Java fast Failure (Fail-fast) security failure (fail-safe)

Original: Failure (Fail-fast): When you iterate a collection, a Concurrentmodification exception is thrown if another thread is modifying the collection you are accessing.Under the Java.util package is a quick failure.Security Failure (Fail-Safe): You will make a copy of the underlying collection when you iterate, so you will not be affected when you modify

Causes and solutions for PCI ROOT HID fail=0x5 ACPI Linux Error

I have the following errors in DMESG in my two servers, what is the reason for consulting? os :rhel4.4 服务器型号: hp dl380 g4 ,g5 shpchp: acpi_shpchprm:\_SB_.PCI0 evaluate _BBN fail=0x5 shpchp: acpi_shpchprm:get_device PCI ROOT HID fail=0x5 shpchp: acpi_shpchprm:\_SB_.PCI0 evaluate _BBN fail=0x5 shpchp: acpi_shpchprm:get_device PCI ROOT HID

Fail-fast (fast failure) mechanism in Java __java

Introduced in the previous ArrayList of the expansion of the problem for the modcount operation is not described in detail, the operation of the variable in Add,remove and other operations will change. So what's the effect of this variable? An introduction to the fail-fast mechanism, a fast failure mechanism, is an error detection mechanism in the Java Collection (Collection). When the set changes in structure during the iteration of the collection, i

Format factory hint fail to decode error how to solve

format factory hint fail to decode error How to solve? Format Factory as a multi-functional multimedia format conversion software can complete the video, audio, pictures between the different formats of conversion, the conversion effect is quite good. But sometimes the software will encounter some small problems, suddenly prompted fail to decode, how to solve it? Today's small series to give you a detailed

Com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException:Auth fail

Background Server information:Server a: b: need to transfer files from server A to Server B via SFTP. Application project has a function, to pass the SFTP log file transfer, at the time of deployment, the server has been configured for authentication-free (secret), but also the SFTP password-free login, but after the project is deployed, start the service, when the need to transfer or reported the following error:com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth

Case sharing: Database mirroring fail over

Tags: failover database Mirroring reconnectCase sharing: Database mirroring fail overFor critical databases, we configured synchronous database mirroring with a witness to allow automatic failover. Everything works until there is a sudden power outage in the data center. Database mirroring performed a failover, but operations feedback said the application was suspended. When we switch back manually, the application works again. Why doesn't the applica

ArrayList to understand the fail-fast mechanism in Java in depth _java

1. Fail-fast Introduction"Fast Fail" is fail-fast, which is an error detection mechanism for Java collections. When a thread iterates over collection, it does not allow other threads to make structural changes to the collection.For example, suppose there are two threads (thread 1, thread 2, thread 1 through the iterator in the traversal of the elements of set a,

Eclipse Startup Report "fail to load the JNI shared library"

Last night the Android Studio,jdk also changed, and the environment variable was slightly changed.Really say, install a software is also a technical work ...I'm going to change Android studio, but I'm not going to abandon eclipse, hey.But today I want to open eclipse found "fail to load the JNI shared library", Baidu a bit, found that the version of Eclipse is 32-bit, (E:\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130917\ Eclipse Eclipse.ini) and my environment variabl

Improper modification of Linux fstab causes power on fsck to fail and the host cannot restart

file (mainly to see the configuration of the/dev/mapper/data3 corresponding line)650) this.width=650; "Src=" ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvd3d3x3h1zv94aq==/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jbqkfcma==/dissolve/70/gravity/ Center "width=" "style=" border:0px;vertical-align:middle; "/>/dev/mapper/data3/orabak EXT4 Defaults 1 2 items from the/etc/fstab profile is the item to perform a boot check, and the host does not complete the reboot,

Putting a module in a folder that is associated with the calling folder name in the Python2 will fail directly in the Python3, but the call will succeed, but the solution

Put the module in a folder with associatedCalling the folder name in Python2 will fail directlyThe call succeeds in Python3, but the call does not succeedThe solution is:Add an empty file under this folder Python2 will treat the folder as a package as a wholeThen edit __init__.pyAdd __all__ = ["Function name 1", "Function name 2",...../or class name also line]And then through from. Import Module NameThis makes it possible to invoke the mod

SQL Server myth 30th talk about the 11th day mirroring can fail over in an instant after a fault is detected _mssql

Myth #11: Mirroring can fail over instantaneously after a fault is detected ErrorFailover of database mirroring can be initiated either automatically or manually. In the case of automatic initiation, a failover operation is performed by the mirror server (you are not mistaken, it is not a decision by the witness to fail over), both the witness and the mirror server are found unable to exchange information

bzoj3881 [Coci2015]divljak (ac automaton +fail tree +dfs sequence + Tree array + Tree chain split)

bzoj3881 [Coci2015]divljak Original title address : Test Instructions:Alice has n strings of s1,s2 ... Sn s 1, s 2 ... S n S_1,s_2...s_n,bob has a string set T, and the beginning of the collection is empty.Then there are the Q operations, which take two forms:"1 P", Bob adds a string P to his own collection."2 X", Alice asks Bob how many strings in the collection T contain the string Sx S x s_x. (We call string A contains string B, when and o

MySQL parameter "max_binlog_cache_size" too small causes SQL to fail

table, and you need to insert the data into the new table againBut how does this approach cause a copy outage from the library? And the other from the library is normalThe reason for this is this: the role of the copy interrupt from the library is the backup library, the Binlog is turned on and the Binlog format is row, the other from the library is not open BinlogMysql> Show variables like ' Binlog_format ';+---------------+-------+| variable_name | Value |+---------------+-------+| Binlog_for

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