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[Operation and maintenance] Fifth: Data center to improve operations, ITIL and ISO20000 how to choose?

The Enterprise Data center needs to improve operation and maintenance status, improve operation and maintenance level, better for business services, ITIL is certainly not the second choice, because ITIL is the best practice in operation and maintenance. But ITIL just tells you how to improve the operation and maintenance capabilities, but did not tell you how to

ITIL and its implementation steps

ITIL and its implementation steps Four Wood Before discussing ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), let's listen to a little story first. In the evening of Friday, an ISP technical Support Center operator constantly received inquiries from different customers: Some customers did not receive e-mail, some received messages to others, and others were unable to send any messages. In short, every

Assists the CIO in successfully implementing ITIL

Today, enterprises are making larger and larger investments in increasingly complex IT infrastructure and application services. Data shows that the average IT spending of Fortune 500 has reached 0.3 billion million USD.To clearly understand the value of IT investment, enterprises should consider improving the maturity of service management processes. This is of great significance to the management and control of the IT infrastructure. After the service and support processes are improved, their o

ITIL introduction and application cases (4)

ITIL It is not omnipotent, and he has many things that cannot be done. ITIL is just a process framework, so when you use ITIL, you will often fall into various situations ...... ITIL What can't be done First, we must clarify that ITIL is not a method, but a general frame

Introduction to ITIL & CMDB Learning

Concept of 1.ITIL ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, information technology infrastructure repository. ITIL is the most widely recognized approach to global IT service management, providing a comprehensive and consistent set of best practices for IT service management. ITIL is a process-based approach

ITIL basic overview and case analysis (I)

This articleArticleWe will introduce the management methods and specific applications of the ITIL foundation with examples. Currently, the ITIL Foundation has two major versions: vesion 2 and vesion 3. I personally think that the two are not a replacement of the relationship, but different management methods of different enterprises at different stages of development. I. Brief IntroductionITILITIL, full n

[Original] ITIL and it Process Management Overview

1. What is ITIL? ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) aims to provide IT service management guidance for enterprises based on the best experience. It is released by the British Ministry of Commerce OGC and widely used in the industry.Has become a de facto standard for IT service management. ITIL is the application of management science in IT infrastructure and is wri

Can small enterprises use ITIL "?

skills of employees in the department ." It is imperative. Otherwise, problems may occur in the information system and internal departments ." Lao Zhang heard that ITIL and ITSM are effective tools to help it departments standardize internal management and improve operation and service levels. However, he also heard that such projects belong to the "icing on the cake" type, and are still trying in major industries such as banking and telecommunicatio

Methodology and best practices for improving IT service level-ITIL learning Summary

ITIL: Full name: (Information Technology Infrastructure Library ). What is it? It is a methodology and best practice for improving IT services, helping it service providers provide high-quality services that meet requirements at appropriate costs. But in fact, this methodology is not only used for IT services, but can be used for reference by other service providers. I. Core and essence of itil. The core

ITIL basic overview and case analysis (II)

PreviousArticleThis article mainly introduces"Based onITILSystemItDepartment Construction", The following is a few examples to illustrate the effect after ITIL implementation. ●Based onITILSystemItProject Management The launch of any project will start the project O M process, which is more important than any of the project management processes, because this is the final outcome of the "result-oriented" management philosophy. Here I would like

Install the open-source ITIL portal iTOP On Debian 7

Install the open-source ITIL portal iTOP On Debian 7 As an ITSM tool that fully supports ITIL processes, iTop has powerful ITSM functions. It is open-source, free, and easy to use. ITop (IT Operation Portal) is an open-source web application used for daily operations in the IT environment. It is based on ITIL best practices and does not stick to any specific proc

The relationship and difference between ITIL and ITSM

1. ITIL (it Infrastructure library) is a set of IT service Management standards Library developed by CCTA (British National Computer and telecommunications) in the late 1980s, which summarizes the best practices in IT management in various UK industries into specifications, Designed to improve the utilization of IT resources and quality of service. Has now become the industry's common standard of fact.ITSM is called \ "IT Service management," a high-q

Itil I understand-my experiences in Guide

I. ITIL Overview Speaking of ITSM, we have to start with enterprise informatization. In the process of enterprise informatization, a large number of related hardware and software facilities are required. We call this an IT infrastructure. With the rapid informatization of enterprises, the IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly large and increasingly difficult to manage and maintain. In a slightly larger company, especially an information technolog

Open Source ITIL Management tool--itop installation process

Open Source ITIL management tool installation process What is Itop? Itop, the IT Operations portal (it Operation Portal), is an open-source web application for the daily operation of the IT environment, and ITIL is using it to get to the ground. : How do I install in a Ossim environment? If you choose Ossim, you can say good-bye to the vario

ITIL IaaS Comparison

The main purpose of IaaS is pooling, self-service versus ITIL-like process. Itil Iaas Request IP process, request IP, select Room-admin Assign ip-applicant Get IP 1. Forming an IP pool2. Apply for ip-Select Room, View unassigned IP, select unassigned ip-"Admin audit-" process completed, the applicant to obtain the IP of choice Application server, select Ro

The difference between ITIL event management and incident management

IITL popularization has been deep into all walks of life, we are not only to learn its norms, but also to focus on how to apply its essence, combined with a tool-based management platform to enhance the quality of our IT operations, only in the practice of continuous improvement in order to truly realize the localization of ITIL, for our IT operations and maintenance business services. Large-scale enterprises have the informatio

ITIL Basic Concepts

Organize basic concepts, learn new things, and forget to use them. Service The service is a means of providing value to the customer, so that the customer can get the expected results without undertaking specific costs and risks. Event Anything that can be detected or identified affects IT infrastructure and IT service delivery. Fault IT service interruption or service quality reduction. Problem Unknown root cause of the fault. Service Request All requirements of the IT department. This articl

ITIL also plays "Taijiquan"

Recently, I saw a piece of training material on release management written by foreigners. In this document, publishing management is compared to "overcast" in the Chinese plot, and changing management to "Yang ", I think it is quite interesting. He believes that "publishing" is passive, acceptable, and feminine. "change" is active, strong, and positive. They are combined to form two ideal balance forces to control risks in IT service management. Frankly speaking, I do not fully agree with this m

Misunderstanding of DML's use of parallelism and misunderstanding of DML's use of Parallelism

Misunderstanding of DML's use of parallelism and misunderstanding of DML's use of Parallelism I always think that we can use parallelism for DML. We only need to add the hint of parallel. Actually, no. Using alter session force parallel dml is the real parallel operation. Here is an experiment: SQL> drop table test purge;SQL> create table test as select * from dba_objects; SQL> insert into test select * fro

Oracle Database-DML (data operation language), oracle-dml

Oracle Database-DML (data operation language), oracle-dml DML: data operation languageNote: In addition, deletion, modification, and query, the query is the most important, the core, and the most gold content.That is to say, this section! ImportantI. Select [query]First, let's talk about the select syntax structure [Lite version]1. query all fieldsSelect * from t

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