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HOWTO: configure the name server locally and enable DNSSEC

Note: If you have any questions about the content described in this article, contact Jimmy Xu. DNSSEC has been released for a short time, and the root server has been supported. The. org domain and some ccTLD have been fully deployed. However, it is

Decryption: Internet DNS Structure Vulnerability Analysis

One of the most popular vulnerabilities recently discovered by the DNS protocol itself is a serious problem (cert vu #800113 ). Most of the domestic media reports are vague, so I want to talk about the vulnerability. First, we need to clarify the

DNS master-slave tsig encrypted transmission

The BIND service program supports the TSIG encryption mechanism in order to provide the parsing service safely, and Tsig mainly uses the password encoding method to protect the zone Transfer, which means the security of the zone information between

Bind domain name server for linux service configuration

1. Install bindThis software is to provide the software to build a DNS server. Here is not the description of what is the DNS and so on inside the concept of the class of things, because there is a lot of information on the network, so back and

Application of smart DNS (Bind dlz) in Enterprises

BKJIA exclusive Article] Editor's note: On the public network, intelligent DNS is used on most second-level domain names and some non-public network domain names. It has been operating quite stably for more than a year. Xiaohui summarized the

One of the Citrix NetScaler Product Learning Notes: Citrix NetScaler Overview

Brief Introduction Citrixnetscaler , its key features and features, and the different product versions available for use. Specific modules: explain Citrixnetscaler How to solve the problem of application delivery difficulties.

Oracle12cRAC cluster uses GNS for SCAN

Oracle12cRAC cluster uses GNS for SCAN  1 Description   In the previous Blog, there were three methods for configuring SCAN in RAC: (1)/etc/hosts (2) DNS (3) GNS   The specific link is as follows: Oracle RAC cluster SCAN description Http://blog.csdn.

Using bind9 to build a smart DNSPostgreSQL Database

Using bind9 to set up intelligent DNSmdash; mdash; PostgreSQL database Using bind9 to set up intelligent DNSmdash; mdash; PostgreSQL database How smart DNS works: When a user resolves a domain name, the user'sIP, And then

CentOS establishes bind service as an intranet DNS Resolution service installation record

This router does not support static domain name resolution services because the intranet has changed routers. So you can only set up a DNS service yourself.The DNS server software chooses bind, and directly yum installs bind on-line. The other two

Recognize the powerful security features of the Win7 system

1, Kernel Patch: System-level security platform is a bright spot is the Kernel Patch, it can prevent the process list and other core information malicious modification, this security is only in the operating system can be implemented, other

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