docker memcached example

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Docker Special (2): Docker common management Commands (top) article only records the use of Docker commands in most situations, and if you want to know the details of each option, please refer to the official documentation, which is recorded only as a later memo.

Pass Cloud Docker Introduction

1.Docker IntroductionDocker is an open source tool that you can use to wrap any app in the LXC container. If you say VMWARE,KVM packaged virtual machines, the Docker wrapper is the app. is a worthy PAAs.When the app is packaged into Docker image,

Installing Docker under Ubuntu

Installing Docker under UbuntuCopy from for easy viewing.Docker is the open Source engine that DotCloud announced in recent months to provide an automated deployment solution for applications, simply by

What is the Docker Docker introductory tutorial first article _docker

Docker is a newborn thing, and the concept is similar to virtualization. There are a lot of things about Docker getting started online. However, this paper discusses the characteristics, characteristics and principles of Docker, also introduces the

How do I use Docker to build a PHP development environment?

Before Docker is popular, there are usually two options to build a development environment: one is to install packages using an integrated development environment such as WAMP, XAMPP, Mamp, and the other is to install a Linux server using a normal

Docker file details

------------------------------------------------------------- Dockerfile ------------------------------------------------------Dockerfile is an image representation. You can use Dockerfile to describe how to build an image and automatically build a

Installing Ubuntu in Docker

Use the official Ubuntu imageThere are many images associated with Ubuntu, where -s 10 parameters are used to search only those images that have been collected more than 10 times.$ docker Search-s 10ubuntuname DESCRIPTION STARS official Autom

Detailed installation Docker_linux under Ubuntu

Docker is an Open-source engine that DotCloud recently announced in recent months, designed to provide an automated deployment solution for an application, simply by quickly creating a container (like a virtual machine) on a Linux system and

Pecl-is there any website dedicated to downloading PHP extensions in Windows?

For example, a website named msdn. itellyou specifically downloads software under windows. Is there any website dedicated to downloading various extensions of php in windows? Many of the pecl versions are not available for windows (or are not found?

PECL-Is there a website specifically downloaded for PHP extensions under Windows?

For example, there is a website called msdn.itellyou, specifically download software under Windows. Is there a web site dedicated to downloading various extensions of PHP under Windows? A lot of pecl are not available on the Windows version

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