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How do I use Docker to build a PHP development environment?

Before Docker is popular, there are usually two options to build a development environment: one is to install packages using an integrated development environment such as WAMP, XAMPP, Mamp, and the other is to install a Linux server using a normal

Docker's PHP container installation memcached

Docker's PHP container installation memcached The download address is here: -O cd libmemcached-1.0.18-xvzf libmemcached-1.0.18.tar..--

Pecl-is there any website dedicated to downloading PHP extensions in Windows?

For example, a website named msdn. itellyou specifically downloads software under windows. Is there any website dedicated to downloading various extensions of php in windows? Many of the pecl versions are not available for windows (or are not found?

PECL-Is there a website specifically downloaded for PHP extensions under Windows?

For example, there is a website called msdn.itellyou, specifically download software under Windows. Is there a web site dedicated to downloading various extensions of PHP under Windows? A lot of pecl are not available on the Windows version

PHP: Electric quotient website high concurrency secret electric business second kill activity

Electric Dealer website second kill activity Second kill activity is usually defined as: The activity party in a limited period of time (usually between M-min to H-hour time) to give a specified number of O p goods in the sale of a large

PHP Technology stack back-end Ape's Knowledge reserve outline php (ing)

ObjectiveI personally feel that a phper foundation should have php,mysql,redis,memcached. My docker-images.PHP (ing)PSR-compliant PHP programming specification (with personal recommendations)SpecificationExperienceBasic knowledge Data type

The sense of learning PHP development site to the bottleneck, technology do not know how to break through, I hope the great God to recommend a few books, thank you!

From the HTML small white to PHP, just beginning to feel php to do the site is very simple, but later the more I feel the knowledge is not enough, the site is far from the message board, login registration so simple. I don't know much about these

Background development interview Problem sorting

Recently internship recruitment began again, by some younger brother asked the interview will ask the question, so want to put before the internship, school recruit was asked questions sorted out, hope to need people to help. Although there are a

2018, how to become a modern back-end developer

File Today's web development is completely different from what it was a few years ago; there are a lot of things that make Web developers feel confused. This is one of the reasons we decided to do a roadmap guide to step by step visual guides

Background Development interview Problem collation

The recent internship recruitment began again, was some of the younger brother asked the interview will ask questions, so want to put the previous internship, school recruit asked questions sorted out, I hope the need to help people. Although there

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