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Document Management System 2-document scanning and image editing

This is a function of the document management system. Many documents do not have electronic files during document management. The scanner is used. The system integrates a scanner. We can scan documents and edit scanned images in the software. It can be saved as an image, or multiple images can be used to generate PDF files. Documentation, zip compressed docum

How to use Samsung Easy Document Creator for scanning

1. First, you need to install the scanning program. If you have a CD, you can directly use the CD to install it. If you do not have a CD, you can download the scanning software and scan the driver from the ghost official website. (Official website:2. After the installation program is complete, place the single-page document

Scanning PPT into PDF Software

Scanning PPT into PDF SoftwareAt present, many information materials need to be converted into electronic documents for various applications and management. However, because the digital processing of information lags behind, it is not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also costly, A large amount of documents are accumulated, so a fast and efficient software system is urgently needed to meet this

How does Samsung SCX-3201 scan with Easy Document Creator software

1. First connect the data cable and the printer to the computer. 2. Install the scanner, if you have a CD-ROM, directly installed on the CD, if there is no CD-ROM, you can download the scanner through the Samsung website. ( scan software please click here to download, Scan driver Please click here to download.) )3. After the installer completes, the Single-page document faces down on the

Super easy Lazy man WebDAV based on PHP personal cloud service build software for Zotero document synchronization

various WebDAV clients: With Nautilus you get an error message when moving/renaming (this is a Nautilus bug). But the move was executed correctly and you'll see it after a refresh (F5). Windows xp:opening a file from a WebDAV drive, which isn't mapped to a drive letter, would only work, if the opening prog Ram is a WebDAV aware, like Microsoft Word. Windows 7:although connecting to a WebDAV drive without authentication by HTTP works perfectly, connecting to the same We Bda

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