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DokuWiki Installation Tutorial (support Chinese,, paste upload picture)

First, installationTo download the appropriate version of the website the site column input: http://your IP address/dokuwiki/install.php in the upper right corner of the selected language, Simplified Chinese en then will

Dukuwiki Simple Tutorial

===== Please read the instructions below to help you get started quickly =====* DokuWiki (also known as our usual wiki) supports a number of simple markup languages to make the document look friendlier to the fullest possible extent.* You can

Kamailio (openser) Open-Source SIP server-call redirection

Kamailio is an open-source SIP server, formerly known as openser. Kamailio is an open source, gpl2, SIP Server Routing platform. It is written in C for Linux/Unix plaforms and focuses on performance, flexibility and security. On Nov 04,200 8,

[Transfer]okuwiki to the Department of Small notes

The recent personal writing style has turned to markdown mode, but the previous use of the mediawiki has not been natively supported, and I have added too many plugins and custom settings in order to achieve what they see as a result of the program

2016 's hottest 15 code syntax highlighting tool to beautify your code _javascript tips

Objective: Code highlighting is useful, especially when you need to display your own code in a Web site or blog, or when you are viewing or debugging a grammar error. We can highlight the code so that the reader can easily read the code block and

15 most popular code syntax highlighting tools in 2016, beautifying your code _ javascript skills

Code highlighting and syntax highlighting are important to the entire program. They can give people a bright impression and increase user experience, this article will introduce the most popular Javascript code highlighting and display script and

Share 15 code syntax coloring ers for Beautifying source code

Syntax highlighting is used by the text editor to display text, especially the source code. Different colors and fonts are used for display based on different categories. This function helps you to write structured languages, such as programming

jquery syntax highlighting plug-ins support various program source code syntax coloring highlighting _jquery

1) Highlightjs Highlight.js can highlight various program source code syntax coloring on a page. Supported languages include:python Ruby Perl PHP XML html CSS Django JavaScript VBScript Delphi Java C++ RenderMan (RSL and

JQuery syntax highlighting plug-in, code coloring, Page code coloring

1) highlightjsHighlight. js can color various program source code syntaxes on the page. Supported languages include PythonRubyPerlPHPXMLHTMLCSSDjangoJavascriptVBScriptDelphiJavaC ++ RenderMan (RSL and RIB) SQLSmallTalkAxapta1CIniDiffDOS. batBash 2)

The jQuery syntax highlighting plug-in supports various program source code syntax coloring and brightening.

1) highlightjs Highlight. js can color various program source code syntaxes on the page. Supported languages include: • Python• Ruby• Perl• PHP• XML• HTML• CSS• Django• Javascript• VBScript• Delphi• Java• C ++• RenderMan (RSL and RIB)• SQL•

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