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Mac version QQ swiftly plug-in how to use?

I believe that a lot of skilled users of the Mac user friends in the use of the process have encountered a small Dolphin logo search window, in fact, that is the Mac version of the QQ with the swiftly plug-in. And QQ swiftly can directly in the

Mac Apple Computer swiftly shortcut keys how to change

Open QQ, click on the top left corner menu bar, click "Preferences", you can also open QQ when the use of the key combination "Command +," Enter the Setup interface See the little dolphin on the right, then point it, in the

Ubuntu3D desktop effect display! Supercategory (figure)

Ubuntu is upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10 when the Ubuntu3D desktop cube effect is available. It takes about 50 minutes to download Ubuntu from Tsinghua source, but it takes a long time to install Ubuntu, my machine is old. The new Ubuntu version is

MySQL Introduction and Installation

I. MySQL INTRODUCTION 1, logoThe name of the MySQL dolphin logo is called "Sakila", and it is selected by the founder of MySQL AB from a list of many names suggested by the user in the "Dolphin Naming" contest. The winning name is provided by

No sound on the earphone jack in front of the chassis

No sound on the earphone jack in front of the chassis Help a friend install a computer and there is no sound in the front audio interface. This is related to our application status. Simply put, this is because the front audio panel and socket wiring

How to Use x2go to set Remote Desktop in Linux

How to Use x2go to set Remote Desktop in Linux As everything is migrated to the cloud, as a way to improve staff productivity, virtual Remote Desktop is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. For those who need to roam constantly across

Fedora KDE working with Linux

Xiao Ming holding the Win8 under the blue screen T440 and the company recommends not to use the rules of cloud notes, the heart thinking, it is time to return to Linux ...First, the system acquisition and startup disk production FEDORA20

Comparison of 5 Linux distributions

UbuntuWhether You is a new user planning to get your first computer, or someone migrating from Windows or Mac OS X, Ubuntu Shou LD be your first choice. It ' s extremely easy to install and manage; Everything just works out of the box. There is

Manjaro you need to do this after installation----not finished editing

Manjaro Linux after installation you need to do this 1. Configuring the software source 1.1 configuring the official software source Cnblogs_lemossudo pacman-mirrors -i -c China -m rankUpdate selection Software source1.2 Configuring ARCHLINUXCN

The hottest 74 Android open source projects on GitHub

The hottest 74 Android open source projects on GitHub1.ActionBarSherlockActionbarsherlock should be the hottest Android open source project on GitHub, it's a standalone library, with an API and theme that makes it easy for developers to use all

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