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On 12 kinds of DOM node types in JavaScript _javascript techniques

Objective The function of Dom is to turn a Web page into a JavaScript object, so that you can use JavaScript to do a variety of things (such as add and delete content). The browser parses the HTML document into a series of nodes based on the DOM

JavaScript basics and functions, bom,dom node and DOM node operations

three ways to use JS1. Directly in the HTML tag, using the event properties, invoke the JS code: Point me! 2. From anywhere on the page, use the script tag3. External: Use the script tag src attribute to select an external address, type attribute

JavaScript Learning Notes: DOM node overview

0x01The DOM is the interface of the JavaScript Operation Web page, all called the Document Object model. Its role is to convert the Web page into a JavaScript object, so that you can use JavaScript to do various things (such as adding and deleting

Core of DOM: Node

Core of DOM: NodeBecause Dom is a tree structure, a node is abstracted as an object node, which is the core object of DOM:There are 12 types of nodes, which are determined by the value of node. nodetype (1-12: JS Code Node. element_node (1)

A summary of the relationship attribute encapsulation, clone node, and some properties commonly used in Dom of JS learning DOM node

JS DOM node:The relationship of a node in the JS DOM is defined as the attribute of the node:There are usually the following types of relationships between nodes:(The relationship here is supported by all browsers) ParentNode parent Node

JavaScript Learning Notes: DOM node relationships and operations

0x01: Previous WordsThe DOM can depict any HTML as a structure composed of multiple nodes. The nodes are divided into 12 different types, each representing different information and tags in the document. Each node has its own characteristics, data,

XML: Beyond DOM (tips and tricks for using DOM easily)

The Document Object Model (DOM) is one of the most common tools used to manipulate xml and HTML data. However, its potential is rarely fully explored. Document Object Model (DOM) is one of the most common tools used to manipulate xml and HTML data.

Dom and BOM

Labels: windows must be organized to be compatible with multiple LAN win wiki padding This is two different concepts in the browser runtime. 1. Bom browser Object Model Provides objects that interact with browser windows independently of the content.

Document Object Model (DOM) [reprint]

The file object model (DOM) is an application interface (API) that represents the various elements of a document (such as HTML and XML) and accesses and operations ). Generally, all browsers that support Javascript support DOM. The DOM involved in

JavaScript DOM node Operation method Summary _javascript Skill

There are three types of nodes: element node, attribute node and text node. The main point of Dom is to check the additions and deletions around element nodes and attribute nodes . The following are described separately from the operation of

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