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Several ways to protect DNS servers summary _dns server

1. Using DNS Forwarders DNS forwarders are for other DNS servers The DNS server that completes the DNS query. The primary purpose of using DNS forwarders is to mitigate the pressure of DNS processing, to transfer query requests from DNS servers to

10 methods to secure DNS

DNS software is the target of hackers ' passion for attack, and it can bring security problems. Here are some of the most effective ways to protect your DNS servers. 1. Using DNS ForwardersA DNS forwarder is a DNS server that completes DNS queries

Kubernetes How to implement service discovery with Kube-dns

Outline: ? How to discover services in Kubernetes ? How to discover the services provided by pod ? How to use service discovery Services ? How to use the Kube-dns discovery service ? Kube-dns principle ? Composition ?

Kubernetes (k8s) How to use Kube-dns to implement service discovery

Outline: How to discover services in KubernetesHow to discover how pod-provided services use the Service Discovery service to use the Kube-dns discovery service Kube-dns principleCompose domain name format configuration Note: This share is based on

WIN2008 R2 Active Directory Deploy the first Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller _win server in the Enterprise

Preface As far as Active Directory (AD) is concerned, there are a lot of articles from Windows 2000 that are being explored, and every time Microsoft launches a new generation of Windows, this important service technology is progressing in both

Windows Server 2012 Domain control subdomain read-only domain secondary domain

2018 Year 8 month Day14:11 Domain and Active Directory What is a domainDomainis a stand-alone unit in a Windows network where mutual access between domains requires a trust Relation. Trust relationships are bridges that connect between

Kubernetes through Kube-dns Discovery Service

Kube-dns compositionKube-dns can solve the service discovery problem, k8s registers the service name as a domain name into Kube-dns, and can access the services it provides through the name of the service.Kube-dns of four components: ETCD, which is

The DNS record disappears! What should I do?

The DNS record disappears! Don't be confused. It's not so terrible. The first thing you need to do is to find the invisible DNS records (as described above). Now you have calmed down, let's take a look at how to fix the DNS records that

How to solve the problem of Internet access in campus network by skillfully solving DNS

Recently, the school to help deal with the campus network to visit the Internet site problems, here will be the experience to share with you, please master correct, play a role. Campus Network has a server, mainly running campus sites and storage

Analysis of packets hosted on Ethernet frames-arp, IPv4, and IPv6

After receiving the previous blog post, we continue to parse network data packets and parse the three protocols that are hosted on the Ethernet. This mainly involves first parsing the header data according to the RFC-defined standards and then

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