domain driven design microservices architecture

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A sample code structure for a microservices +ddd (Domain driven design)

I was fortunate to have read many great gods on the realization of DDD, such as the landing of articles, learning more, benefited, in this recommendation: The following reference to the structure of the official DDD, summed up the relevant experience of predecessors, and then based on their own micro-services and DDD learning and understanding, made a use of springcloud to build the most b

Design and Implementation of domain events targeting the classic layered architecture in the field-driven design

In the byteart retail case I developed, the implementation of domain events has been introduced. For more information, see my previous article: in-depth analysis of byteart retail case: domain events. After a period of study and thinking, we have a new understanding of the design and implementation of domain events. In

. Net domain-driven design-how to use the design pattern to subvert the traditional architecture

methods mentioned in this article have great advantages, you will find that it is the most obvious difference from the traditional three-tier architecture, which is also the most classic advantage and the most valuable place; This article was originally "[stick]. net domain-driven design-Practice (going bright throu

Standard tiered architecture for domain-driven design

contain the state information of the domain objects. This layer is a core part of the entire application and can contain these concepts and content: Entity (Entities) Value object (value Objects) domain service (Domain Services) warehousing contract/interface (Repository contracts/ Interfaces) Aggregation and its factory (aggregates and factories) aggregation ro

Domain driven Design (i) Understanding hierarchical architecture

the objects within the aggregation. Warehousing (Repository) Create a repository for each aggregate root object that represents all objects of that type as a collection of conceptual objects, access to the repository through a similar set of interfaces. The point of warehousing is to let developers focus on the domain model logic and hide real data access behind the warehousing interface, which is not the

EntityFramework-Based Domain-driven design practices [continued later]: Use Cases of domain-driven design practices based on EF 4.3.1 Code First

also compile this article about this case in the original EF series. Case Overview Byteart Retail demonstrates the application of Microsoft. NET technology and field-driven design concepts in software design, architecture, and practice based on the online sales business of laptops. Prior to Byteart Retail, the open-s

Domain model of domain driven design

LayerThis layer provides common technical capabilities for other tiers, provides inter-layer communication, implements persistence mechanisms for the domain layer, and, in short, the infrastructure layer can support the technical needs of other tiers through architecture and frameworks;Overview of all modes used in the domain-

What is domain-driven design (domain driven)?

This article is fromWhat is Domain driven Design?This article has been translated.   ”... In many areas, the role of experts is reflected in their expertise rather than intellectually. “-- Don ReinertsenDomain driven design is a software development approach that enables so

What is domain-driven design (domain driven)?

This article is from what is Domain driven Design? This article has been translated.  ”... In many areas, the role of experts is reflected in their expertise rather than intellectually. “-- Don ReinertsenDomain driven design is a software development approach that enables s

Introduction to DDD (Domain Driver Designer) domain-driven design

persistence mechanisms for the domain layer, and, in short, the infrastructure layer can support the technical needs of other tiers through architecture and frameworks;Overview of all modes used in the domain-driven design processThe de

Domain Driven design and practice

, it is a big mistake. In actual development, a large number of business logic piled up in a huge class of examples are not uncommon, code reusability and extensibility can not be guaranteed. In order to solve this problem, domain-driven design puts forward the concept of clear hierarchical architecture and

Domain-driven design and practices

The object-oriented design concept of software systems has a long history. The Smalltalk in 1970s can be said to be a classic of object-oriented language. Today, we still regard this language as the basis of object-oriented language. With the development of programming languages and technologies, various language features emerge one after another. Object-oriented is a basic feature of most languages, such as static languages such as C ++, Java, and C,

DDD--Domain driven design--6-step approach to poetry

I remember reading Evans's "Domain driven design – the core of software complexity" many years ago, when DDD was seldom known, let alone practiced, and this book also slept in my bookcase for many years. And recently found that not only the traditional heavy business software companies, even many internet companies are pushing DDD. Then, in different places to li

Implementation of domain-driven design (DDD)

Strategic Design It should be pointed out that DDD is not a simple set of technical tools, but many programmers do think so and use DDD with such ideas. Too much technical implementation will lead to ddd-lite. Simply put, DDD-lite will lead to poor domain objects, because we ignore the benefits of DDD strategic modeling. The Strategic Design of DDD mainly inclu

Domain Driven Design Series Articles summary

Domain driven design practices for the Entity framework EntityFramework's field-driven design practice-Preface EntityFramework field-driven design practice (i): From DataTa

NET Domain Driven Design Combat series summary

architecture based on domain-driven design[. NET domain driven design Combat series] Topic III: Pre-preparation of the statute model (specification pattern)[. NET

. NET domain driven design-see how DDD uses design patterns to subvert traditional architectures

small experience to share with you This article is about these design methods in itself there is a great advantage, you will find it with the traditional three-storey architecture is the most obvious difference, which is the most classic advantage of the place, the most valuable place; Originally this article is "[Top]." NET domain

Domain Driven Design series: clarifying some basic concepts

To study ddd, it is important to recognize that the core of DDD is universal language and model-driven design. Even Dddlite (technical ddd) must be aware of the location of DDD in the architecture and the necessary architectural knowledge, otherwise it is unknown whether to go all the way back. We first understand the common

The way of realization of domain driven design

simple set of technical tools, but many of the programmers I see do think so, and have the idea to use DDD. Being overly wedded to technical implementation will lead to ddd-lite. In simple terms, Ddd-lite will lead to inferior domain objects because we overlook the benefits of DDD strategy modeling. The strategic design of DDD mainly includes the concepts of domain

Domain Driven design and spring

Original IntroductionThis article is about the relationships and differences between the basic artifacts, concepts, and Java Web applications (mainly based on the spring framework) of domain-driven design.The second part of this article describes how to map entities, aggregation roots, and warehousing to Java applications that use the spring framework

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