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How to set the MX record of the enterprise mail server)

How to set the MX record of the enterprise mail server 8090 online Brief: Correctly Setting MX (Mail exchanger) mail exchange records is the basic condition for stable operation of enterprise email services, we often find that many enterprise

Basic Domain Name application knowledge

Basic Domain Name application knowledgeI. Glossary: domain name resolution a record MX record cname record TTL1. What is domain name resolution?Domain name resolution is the process of converting the domain name to the IP address after applying for

DNS Domain name resolution service (i)

type of action of the bind system across the Internet , more than N servers, personal hosts, most of the sites, mail and other servers have used the domain name form of address. such as, and so on. It is clear that this

Golang in net package usage (i)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. NET package provides a portable interface for network I/O, including TCP/IP,UDP, domain name resolution, and UNIX sockets. Although the net package provides a lot of

DNS principle and parsing process V

This article mainly refers to from: and made a small change What is DNS. Hosts on the internet, like humans, can be identified in a variety of ways. A host's identification method is to use its host name

Build an email server in CentOS7 (dovecot + postfix + SSL)

It took basically two days to configure the mail server under CentOS7. There are too many hardships, so we must summarize them.The purpose of this article is to build a dovecot + postfix + SSL server under CentOS 7 through a series of configurations,

Kerio MailServer settings

Now we will use a practical example to briefly introduce the setting of Kerio MailServer and the application of POP3DOWNLOA D. These are For Windows. Linux fans should stop. For non-small mail systems, Kerio MailServer is not a good choice. Use

Linux dns configuration and basic introduction!

Linux dns configuration and basic introduction! (GO) -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. I. Basic DNS knowledge As we all know, in network communication, data links Use

Web request Process

1 b/S Network architecture overviewWhen a user enters in the browser, the following actions occur: 1. The browser requests DNS to resolve the domain name to the corresponding IP address ; 2. Locate the corresponding

Use Telnet for SMTP/POP3/FTP/NNTP (zz)

Only then can we find that we can use telnet to interact with the SMTP server. The ms smtm server also provides a command line interface.The http server can also be operated through TELNET, but there is no command line echo. Use Telnet for SMTP //

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