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Domain computer Boot up Process and site info

When first joining the domain, the client makes general DNS and LDAP queries and gets a list of all the domain controllers In the domain, and it goes down the list, trying LDAP binds, and the first successful DC so it binds to-that is the F Irst DC

Server Security Settings System service Chapter _win Server

WindowsServer2003 + IIS6.0 + ASP Server security Settings--component security Settings Chapter A, uninstall the Wscript.Shell and Shell.Application components, save the following code as one. BAT file Execution (minutes 2000 and 2003 systems)

Server Security Settings-system services

Security Settings for WindowsServer2003 + IIS6.0 + ASP servers-component Security Settings A. Uninstall WScript. shell and Shell. application Component, save the following code as. BAT file execution (in 2000 and 2003 systems) windows2000.bat Copy

Windows2003 Server Settings Encyclopedia _ servers

Check if there is no activation: Start--> run--> oobe/msoobe/a--> Enter, wait a moment, You'll see a hint. If there is no activation, you install the system is not cracked, grasp to find a way to it! such as using Reset5.02 to activate the patch

GC transfer and ex transfer recording for Exchange disaster recovery

At first, a server with an ip address (a) was used as a separate dc. In a single dc Domain environment, nat was performed on the firewall netscreen. The dc was used as an external mailex2k server, later, two ibm servers were added, and

Data source schema Mode table entry row entry activity record Data mapper

The Data source schema mode-table entry mode Table entry mode acts as an object in the database table access entry, and one instance handles all rows in the table. can be understood to encapsulate SQL statements that were previously dispersed

Java Object Serialization RMI

For an object that exists in a Java virtual machine, its internal state remains in memory only. After the JVM has stopped, these states are lost. In many cases, the internal state of an object needs to be persisted. When it comes to persistence, the

Using RMI + ZooKeeper to implement a remote calling framework

In the Java world, there is a technique for "cross-virtual machine" calls, which is RMI (remote method Invocation, a long-distance methods call). For example, service a runs in JVM1, service B runs in JVM2, and service A and service B can call each

How to troubleshoot connection problems in SQL Server 2000

server| Resolution | How the problem resolves connection problems in SQL Server 2000 apply to important notes: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Be sure to back up the registry before you modify the registry, and be

Manage DNS Client Cache in Windows 2000 pro

Http:// Tag = NL. e116 Manage the DNS Client Cache in Windows 2000 proManage DNS Client caching in Windows 2000 pro By Jim BoyceAuthor: Purple endurerKeywords: Windows 2000 | Microsoft Windows | Domain

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