dos batch sleep

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Converting a DOS batch file to a shell script

Converting a DOS batch file to a shell script Quite a few programmers who learn scripts on a PC are running DOS. In fact, the Disabled DOS batch file language can also write some powerful scripts, although they generally need to rely on external

Operate Telnet in DOS batch for Automatic Remote Login

Shortly after joining the work, the Project Manager handed over the task of program release to me. There was a new feeling in the first few days. After a long time, there were just a few commands that really didn't mean much, but I still have to do

DOS batch operation telnet to implement automatic Telnet operation

Just took part in the work soon, the project manager released the task to me, the beginning of a few days still a little new sense, but play for a long time, on those few orders, really don't mean, but still have to do, all bored dead. I am lazy,

Wonderful batch processing code

Wonderful Batch ProcessingCode Receiving keyboard input stringProgram : Get user input-related des error check@ Echo offEcho E102 'set % 1 = '> % Temp %. \ t1.datFor %? In (w Q) Do echo %?> % Temp %. \ t1.dat: InputEcho.Echo type

Batch processing experience

1. Precise latencyTool sleep.exe from Microsoft Win 2003 Resource Kit tools 2. Countdown @ Echo offsetlocal enabledelayedexpansion & titleset return = for/L % I in (5) do (sleep 1 set/p "= z wait % I seconds" Because the batch processing

Batch Processing hides its own window, boring

CopyCode The Code is as follows: @ echo off : Code by LZ-myst QQ: 8450919 blog: If "% 1" NEQ "1 "( > "% Temp % \ TMP. vbs" Echo set wshshell = wscript. Createobject ^ (^ "wscript. Shell ^" ^) > "%

Batch processing delay Incomplete summary _dos/bat

1, the use of ping command to realize the delay, the method is clever and can be controlled, but the accuracy is not high. such as: Ping-n 3>nul approximately can pause 2 secondsThe number after-n is the number of packets sent, plus one

Server application automatically restarts IIS batch processing original

For some reason, the website fails for a period of time, and IIS restarts and returns to normal. If this happens once or twice, the worst thing is that it happens every day. You cannot fight against IIS every day. If you want to be lazy, you have to

Batch file written with adb shell test

To realize n7000r automatic photograph as an example Method One:@echo Offset I=1EchoOpen cameraadb shell am start-N"": CLICK:: Delay 2 secondsPing>nulEchoClick%i%..., take

Batch FTP command line

Recently, has studied how to place the generated publishing files on the FTP server as needed, so we have studied this information for sharing with friends: 1. FTP upload command: Format: ftp-S: [configuration file] [FTP address] For example,

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