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Converting a DOS batch file to a shell script

Converting a DOS batch file to a shell script Quite a few programmers who learn scripts on a PC are running DOS. In fact, the Disabled DOS batch file language can also write some powerful scripts, although they generally need to rely on external

How to Use the DOS command

How to Use the DOS command (1) List of DIR disk file directories. This command allows you to list the names and attributes of disk files. For example:> DIR (Enter); after you press Enter, all files in the current directory are displayed. >

Windows dos Common command line

Dir: List files in the current directory and folder MD (make directory): Create directory Rd (remove directory): Delete directory CD (change directory): Enter the specified directory CD. : Back to previous level directory cd\: Rollback to root del:

Historical Linux operating system and its development status

The Birth and Development of Linux Linux is a clone system of UNIX operating systems. It was first officially announced in 1991, October 5 ). With the help of Internet networks and the joint efforts of computer enthusiasts around the world, it has

Delphi code optimization

Delphi code optimization Come from: Document Cataloguing [hide] 1. String Optimization 1.1. Non-repeated Initialization 1.2. Use setlength to pre-allocate a long string (ansistring) 1.3. thread safety for strings and

C and C ++ links

My other projects Learning C and C ++ C/C ++ newsgroups Programming Misc The links on function pointers and callbacks can now be found as Chapter 5 of the function pointer tutorials.

50 famous quotes about Linux

Article Title: 50 famous quotes about linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 50. I develop for

C language NOTE 3 (zz)

2.3 pointer type The pointer variable stores the memory address. If the address stores the variable, the pointer is called the pointer to the variable. If the address corresponds to the entry of a function, the pointer is called a pointer to a

Windows Batch Learning---01

First, Mark symbol:1 CR (0D) command line Terminator2 Escape (1B) ANSI escape character Guide3Space ( -) commonly used parameter specifiers4Tab ( the) ; =non-trivial parameter qualifiers5+Copy command file connector6* ?File wildcard characters7

About calling the system function __ function in C + +

Let's take a look at the following procedure: #include #include int main (int argc, char* argv[]) { Std::cout Std::system ("pause"); To suspend a program return 0; } And then, a few more pieces of background knowledge. Background knowledge 1:

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