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Unity Game Lamb Knife vs. Pendragon: What DotA did right

of Eul, sheep knives, Pendragon, ice frogs, and countless other volunteers who have participated in the development of DotA maps are indelible. Here's a complete blog post on the Dog Planing Learning Network (the original lamb Knife and Pendragon co-authored by two people):since its launch in 2004, DotA has surpassed tens of thousands of players to become the most popular game of all time. Since Blizzard's

DotA player and Hero Fit calculator, Python language scrapy crawler use

Starter: personal blog, update error correction replyThe demo address is here, the code here.A DotA player and Hero Fit Calculator (view effect), including two parts of the code:1.python Scrapy Crawler, the overall idea is page->model->result, extract data from the Web page, make meaningful data structure, and then take this data structure to do something.In this project, the use of crawlers from the long-network

Dota–we,the Community.

DotA began in 2002, the first author is a WAR3 called Eul player, and then after the Gunisoo, including the author's hand, and then Gunisoo and the team Pendragon after the contradiction left the DotA At that time, DotA was popular but there were plenty of balance gaps and bugs left over, which were resolved after the Ice Frog (Icefrog=if) took over.At some point

What is Dota for me?

Maybe many of us are still confused about the Dota ghost game? Please see this link: At first, I was obsessed with this game because: This is a team-based game. In haofang or VS, you need to work with all kinds of people to win the opponent's ancient tree or throne, I am a hero, and I want to change the world with my own strength. Now

Dota elder brother ordering-static proxy (Java)

don't know how to hate my country; I beat Dota one day to night; I looked up at the moon and bowed my head to Dota; if my friends and friends in Luoyang asked me, I said I was playing Dota; if I didn't work hard, the boss beat Dota; in the midst of a dying illness, I was shocked. Today, I haven't played

Dota and life

Life Perception of a Dota cainiaoI have been in contact with Dota for nearly three years. I can experience many things in three years. After I have experienced many things, I will have a lot of insights. Some of them cannot be expressed in abstract ways, but with the help of Dota, it can be expressed indirectly. Of course, people who do not play

What do you mean, DotA?

What is the meaning of Dota,dota? DotA is a hot word in the network game, the full name of DotA is defense of the Ancients, translated into Chinese is the guardian of ancient trees, guarding relics, ancient relics of the guard means that it is in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (produced by Blizzard Entertainment Compan

What is the DotA kick man command?

DotA Kick man Command detailed: -KICKAFK x X is the player position at the beginning of this player Don't try to remember. When a person can be a T, detailed instructions appear on the screen. Other dota command Daquan, CC gave Dotaer to play the game when brought convenient and fast. Select all mode:-ap/-allpick players can choose all the heroes of the pub All random mode:-ar/-allrandom players auto

DOTA-II, let's focus on what's going on in the gaming industry

In my age of 23-29, I was always tied to several e-sports games-CS, war-III, and DOTA-I. This is just to list a few competitive categories, of course there are many online games and table games. But, aren't they? In a simple sense, they are all going to let us go. It's hard for CS to jump and squat. How can war-III make a house with a shortcut key?-B + What, I really forgot, and my heart was sad. Maybe now we are still popular with

Dota design model-Abstract Factory

Abstract Factory mode is a set of factory method modes. The factory method gets a product, while the abstract factory model gets a series of products. Let's take a general understanding of UML first: I. Abstract FactoryAbstract Factory is a gamefactory that produces two types of products (hero, building. Of course, this article only provides two types ). /// /// Abstract Factory /// Public Abstract Class Gamefactory{ Public Abstract Hero createhero (); Public

Dota attack: Heroes of newerth Public Beta started

Savage 2 of S2 games, an independent game companyIt is one of several rare game masterpieces on the native Linux platform. Now S2 games is a cross-platform team competing game heroes of based on Dota rules.NewerthFormalStart Public Beta. Free Public Beta has been started! The following content is taken from the official game website.. Heroes of newerth compared to the Dota map of Warcraft 3, it greatl

Dota design model-factory Method

Factory methods are characterized by "methods". sub-classes implement abstract methods of parent classes, and the responsibility for creating products is transferred to sub-classes. First, use the UML diagram: Take Dota games as an example. Our factory is a factory that creates models in Dota, while products are different models. First, we need to clarify the requirements. In

DotA Reverse attack: Heroes of the Newerth of the beginning of the public test

Independent game maker S2 Games's Savage 2 is one of the rare games under the original Linux platform. Now S2 Games based on the DotA rules designed by the Cross-platform team competitive game Heroes of Newerth officially began to test. There has been a complete free public test. The following is taken from the game website. Heroes of Newerth compared to Warcraft 3 's DotA map for this particular game mode

Discussion group-a good place to talk about DotA game enthusiasts after work

work, yards farmers busy a day, also should change taste, team play DotA Bar. Create a discussion group in hiwork, talk about their experiences, talk about cheats ideas, not fast. Life is always fun, isn't it? discussion groups are private groups of topics that only participants can see. Members cannot actively join a discussion group and can only be joined by a member of the discussion group. In addition, the messages in the discussion group are priv

phpthinking Dick Silk first DotA competition crowdfunding

Phpthinking Dream and everyone together high, beer and skittles together, work hard for everyone, but also for small family! phpthinking Cock Silk First DotA competition crowdfunding, look forward to everyone's active participation, of course, we also hope that we support the participants, in Alexandria's work, find a happy! This crowdfunding amount is 500 yuan, we need your support, just support us a penny, we still full of gratitude! Crowdf

Nyoj 527 ac_mm Play DotA

AC_MM play DotA time limit: +Ms | Memory Limit:65535KB Difficulty:2 Describe We all know that ac_mm more like to play games, especially good at War3 this classic game. One day ac_mm came to the VS platform, ready to abuse rookie, happened to a careless will we ACM Captain abused ^_^, our captain this is not happy, said to out a difficult problem let ac_mm embarrassed a bit. The title description is this, given a positive inte

NYOJ 527 AC_mm dota

NYOJ 527 AC_mm dota AC_mm dota play time limit: 1000 MS | memory limit: 65535 KB difficulty: 2 Description As we all know, AC_mm prefers to play games, especially the classic game war3. One day AC_mm came to the vsplatform and was about to abuse cainiao. It happened that we abused our ACM Captain ^_^, and our captain was unhappy, it is said that a difficult problem is required to embarrass AC_mm

phpthinking Dick Silk first DotA tournament crowdfunding

phpthinking Dick Silk first DotA competition crowdfunding Phpthinking Dream and everyone together high, beer and skittles together, work hard for everyone, but also for small family! phpthinking Cock Silk First DotA competition crowdfunding, look forward to everyone's active participation, of course, we also hope that we support the participants, in Alexandria's work, find a happy! This crowdfunding

The story of Little P--The magic DotA backpack __sdut

The story of Little P--The magic DotA topic Description Small p very like to play DotA, no matter day and night play, the result he even dream is inside the picture, one night little p just lie down to do a magical dream ... The undead Lich King pays his wages, the death knight gets an n dollar bill (remember, only one note), in order to prevent his frequent death in the fight, he decided to buy some props

Phaser in use, DotA Tactical Board

Starter: personal blog, update error correction replyStill do not want to use phaser do a little game good, with the annual spring Festival to play DotA These two group of people as the basis is affirmative, but the game specific how do not have the clue.Temporarily try to do a cartoon version of the DotA map, you can drag the player's avatar, play the function of the Tactical board.Demo address here, the

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