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C # type conversion, is, as, single question mark, double question mark decryption

There are two types of conversions in C #: explicit and implicit. The basic rules are as follows. The base class object must be converted to a subclass object. The rule is: (type name) object. The value type and reference type are converted using

Another use of single question mark in C # And special use of double question mark

Today, a colleague asked me a piece of code written by a company employee who has left the company. It looks a little strange. The Code is as follows: /// /// return the request // /// /// encryption // Public static string request (string

What does it mean to add a question mark after the data type ?, Data Type question mark

What does it mean to add a question mark after the data type ?, Data Type question mark During. net development, I saw a piece of code of this type:Public double? AskLeave {get; set ;} I can't figure it out. Why do I need to add a question mark?

C#??? Question mark and 2 question mark usage (type?, object?)

C #? C #?? ?: Single question mark 1. The definition data type can be empty. Can be used to assign null to data types such as Int,double,bool that cannot be directly assigned to NULL Define 2 variables such as this: int i; Default value of 0

The solution to the problem of JS assignment including single quotation mark double quotation mark

This article mainly introduced the JS assignment contains the single quotation mark double quotation mark question solution method, needs the friend to be possible to refer to underMy page is a JSP page, which contains a parameter: Lefttree, this

Windows removes the desktop SVN file or folder question mark

The contents of the repository are checked out to the desktop, only to find that the desktop file has become a question mark, it would have thought that there is no big problem, delete. SVN can, but delete all of the. SVN, the desktop still

Difference between Single and Double quotation marks in php

Wenku. baidu. comview3e6a238271fe910ef12df806 "what is the difference and usage between single quotes and double quotes ?" Now I will summarize the answer and write it into this short article. Fields in double quotation marks are interpreted by the

Linux Shell single-quote double-quote Inverted quotation mark difference

One, single and double quotation marksFirst, both single and double quotes are meant to solve the problem of having spaces in the middle.Because the space is in Linux as a very typical delimiter, such as String1=this is a string, so execution will

Question mark operator in C #

The question mark operator in C # has three functions:   First, a single question mark is used as a Trielement operator for conditional judgment.This method can process some simple conditional statements with the if structure,For example, the

The question mark in the SQL statement learning notes

I see an instance of The code is as follows Copy Code String sql = "Select Userid,name from Tuser WHERE userid=?" and password=? ";pstmt = conn.preparestatement (sql);Pstmt.setstring (1,userid); Set the first one here?

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