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-- Sendmail MUa (Mail User Agent), which is used to send or read emails from the client. The tool mutt is available in Linux. MTA (Mail tranfer agent) is equivalent to a post office and server-side software. It provides the following functions:

Installation and configuration of SendMail servers in Linux systems

First we put the DNS server installation OK can be resolved, do not understand the look "> 1. First install the required software SendMail [Root@localhost ~]#

Pmta+oempro implementation scheme in Linux

Upload installation package to/USR/LOCAL/SRCCd/usr/local/srcSH NETSTAT-LNPT View PortsChkconfig * * off service (such as chkconfig postfix off) To see if Pmta is started, execution/etc/init.d/pmta start is not started Starting POWERMTA:

6 Excellent mail transfer agents under Linux

Guide On the internet, the mail client sends mail to the mail server and then routes the message to the correct destination (other customers) , which Mail server Use of the a network application is called the message transfer agent (MTA).

6 Excellent mail transfer agents under Linux

The best Linux Mail Transfer agent (MTAs)What is the message transfer agent (MTA)?An MTA is an application that routes and transmits e-mail from one node to another, using a protocol called SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to perform its

Postfix MAIL service setup (Article 1): RHEL6

  Elementary: add the sender, acceptor, and email alias to implement the mail group function. We all know that the mail server has two servers, namely two ports, one is the sending port and the other is the receiving port. We usually use the process

Linux rights: From getting started to giving up

The day station is going to be a complete day. Often we can take the server Web services, but is updated than the Western reporters also faster than the administrator of the intranet infiltration of the seeds in the bud of the right to kill. The

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers (GO)

Compiled with PHP resources by other programmers, Kahun initiates a system administrator-related open source resource collation on Github.Content classifications include: Backup/Clone software, Cloud/cloud storage, collaboration software,

System Administrator Resource Daquan

Another article: "10 Best Books for system administrators" is now richer than the list of Kahun they have collated.Bole Online has launched the "system Administrator resource Daquan Chinese version" in the collation of GitHub. Welcome to the

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers

BackupBackup software Amanda-Client-server model Backup tool Bacula-Another client-server model Backup tool Backupninja-Lightweight, extensible meta-data backup system BACKUPPC-Client-server model Backup tool and file sharing

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