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Install Windows 7 on Macbook Air

Apple installed Windows 7 dual systems on Macbook Air is very mighty recently. Almost all Apple products have become synonymous with taste. The ultra-thin appearance of Macbook air has certainly captured the hearts of N people, it has become one of the essential tools for installation of many petty assets. However, ins

Let Win7 dual system strong in the MacBook Air

steps, finally entered the familiar Windows 7 desktop. Click on "My Computer" to launch the Windows 7 installation disk, and then insert the original MacBook with the Snow Leopard System CD, the CD will appear after the installation of the boot Camp interface, according to the interface prompts step-by-step click, check "Apple Software upate for Windows option, and then bootcamp starts to install the

Windows 7 dual system tutorial on MacBook Air

Apple has been so powerful lately that almost all of Apple's products have become synonymous with taste, MacBook Air ultra-thin beautiful figure, of course, also captured the n many people's heart, has become a large number of petty bourgeoisie, but one of the necessary artifacts, but, the load is a price, many domestic web sites, software programs incompatible Mac OS X system, Can only run under Windows Sy

How to run MB Star xentry DAS on Macbook Air

This was a user experience of running the entire suite of Mercedes-benz SD connect C4 software xentry/das on a Macbook ai R."I had an unusedAirbook fromRunning Snow leopard as OP sys and equipped as usual witha disc GB solid state, a WIFI and one USB portto the external world. Of course, it is based on the Intel platform. As I love these light and beautifully designed machines, I is thinking about using it for something else then letting it Accumulate

Install Windows 8 with boot camp on MacBook Air

The Windows 8 consumer preview version is released, combining PC and mobile OS into one. As a public beta version of Win8, it focuses on the features of tablet Operation Experience, built-in app stores, cloud services, and social sharing. We plan to use the MacBook Air to experience Windows 8 and try the new version of Windows. MacBook

MacBook Air installs Ubuntu dual system précis-writers

Recently, it seems boring, on their MacBook Air installed on the Ubuntu dual system, which various twists and turns, here précis-writers below, if you have the need to install Ubuntu, you can refer to the steps here.1. Download the Ubuntu installation image,This is on the Ubuntu official Internet download, about 1 g si

The Win10 of the MacBook Air, the repeated failure process.

Earlier this month, a female friend entrusted me to help her to install a computer, to the MacBook Air above the Windows system, because of the habit of windows, use it handy. Then with the toe of the head to think about it, a mouthful promised to come down. Is this the life of a standard programmer, a computer, a system, a recent task to help buy a cell phone. O (╯-╰) oAt home, I first simple Baidu a littl

The perfect solution for using the wave "~" of the Linux Ubuntu system to become other symbols under the MacBook Pro/air

Open Terminal, enter:sudo su -echo0 >/sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/iso_layoutsudo su-requires root permission, so before using please note that the root has been downloaded, no root Please enter the following code:#没有root的请输入以下代码下载root sudo Install rootAt this point you will find that "~" can be called out, but the reboot system will return to the original, so we will add a line of code in the following rc.local file:Path:/etc/rc.localsudo VI /etc/rc.localWrite the following code:Echo 0 >/sys

How to reload a Macbook air system

The MacBook air reload method. First, the lion system is not damaged, the system into the case of the installation method. 1. Restore through the network (WiFi conditions, no need for the most convenient equipment, idiot installation method, but time consuming at least 5 hours, no external device people preferred) 2. The use of the system with disk tools to make USB drive disk to install (sec

Apple announces MacBook Air SSD repair Patch: Failure to install can replace SSD for free

This release of update patch flash STORAGE Firmware update 1.1 is mainly for the 2012 section, there was earlier user feedback that some of the model on the unknown problems caused by the data saved in SSD was erased. If the consumer discovers the problem or cannot install the update on the machine, you can replace the SSD at the local Apple Store for free. The security bulletin is as follows: Apple has found problems with flash memory hard drives in part of the

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