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Google Docs download-quick batch download of Google Docs documents

Google Docs DownloadIs the Greasemonkey script of Firefox, used to downloadGoogle DocsDocumentation, with DownThemAll extension, batch download can be implemented.   Today andGoogle DocsFinished,Google Docs DownloadUnlike GDocBackup, the

How to submit translation contributions to Microsoft Docs and the localization community

Docs (, a new version of Microsoft's documentation site, has re-planned the document structure of each technology stack to look better than MSDN. Although Docs is available in a variety of languages, most are machine translation,

Unit testing with Spring rest docs

Spring REST Docs helps you manage RESTful service documents, use Asciidoctor to write documents, and automatically generate fragments using Spring MVC Test. first, what style is called rest style? Everyone in the programming world should have heard

Maven download source and Java docs

Method One:mvn dependency:sourcesmvn dependency:resolve -Dclassifier=javadocThe first command would attempt to download source code for each of the dependencies in your pom file.The second command would attempt to download the Javadocs.Method

Offisync-google docs the perfect combination with Office

In today's Internet era, network office has become a new trend, so support Office document editing Google Docs online office services emerged. However, Google Docs currently has limited functionality, it is difficult to meet all the requirements of

OffiSync-integrated MS Office with Google Docs

OffiSync can be integratedMS OfficeAndGoogle Docs, UseMS OfficePowerful local processing capabilities andGoogle DocsAwesome cloud service for local useMS OfficeOpen, edit, and saveGoogle Docs. SupportedWord documents and Excel tablesAndPower Point

Raneto Docs (open-source Knowledge Base building program), ranetodocs

Raneto Docs (open-source Knowledge Base building program), ranetodocs1. raneto Docs: a Raneto is a Markdown-based open-source node. the js knowledge base platform uses the Markdown file to store the knowledge base. Raneto can also be called a

Android Official Docs app components (activities)

Activity is the top four components of Android, this article will introduce the meaning of activity, create, start, destroy, life cycle and so on.To access the official text, you can click on this link: "Activities"ActivitiesActivity is a class that

In the face of Excel and Google Docs, we are still innovating. We can't hack it, but we can cut off one of its toes first.

The first name is "killing excel". Later I thought that we should keep a low profile and name it "we are still innovating in the face of Excel and Google Docs ". Chrome subverts ie; IPhone revolutionizes Microsoft Windows Mobile and Nokia

Oauth2-server-php-docs Integration 3

Yii Integration for Yii integration, See filsh YII OAuth2 Server Resource libraryCakePHP'sabout For an example of this library integrated in cakephp, see qsoomro cakephp OAuth2 DemoRestler Download the latest copy from features \

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