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What is favicon. ICO and how to create A favicon icon for your website? [Zz]

By Christopher Heng, Some time back, I had an email from a visitor asking me how I managed to have's icon displayed next to my URL in his browser's location bar. in fact, had he checked carefully, He wocould also

[Released] Photoshop plug-in for reading and writing ICO Icon files

This is a file format plug-in I wrote for Photoshop. icoformat is used to read and write windows Icon files (the extension is ICO, cur ). PS plug-ins in the icon file format have been written by a foreigner many years ago. However, the plug-ins I

Ico icon method created by Photoshop, photoshopico icon

Ico icon method created by Photoshop, photoshopico icon Photoshop cannot open ico, but it can be implemented by installing plug-ins. Click here to download the plug-in. Usage method: paste the unzipped plug-in file:(English version path)/program

PHP generates ICO icon _php instance based on Yii framework

1,phpthumb_ico is the class that generates the ICO icon, the source code is as follows Class Phpthumb_ico {function Phpthumb_ico () {return true; } function gd2icostring (& $gd _image_array) {foreach ($gd _image_array as $key + = $gd _image)

Tools for making ICO files-aveiconifier_ common tool

Aveiconifier is a very practical and convenient gadget for making ICO format files ~ Perhaps some of the knowledge of the Web page is not very understanding of what ICO files, then I give you introduce. ICO is the abbreviation of icon file, is the

ICO online production, website small icons favicion. ICO online production tool software

Several related websites and downloads are provided: Generate favicon. ICO address online: Http:// There are 6 online tools: Http:// Favicon from PICs // This is the online

Php code for generating ico files online _ PHP Tutorial

Php generates the ico file code online. The code for copying index. php code is as follows :? PHP $ output; if (isset ($ _ GET [action]) $ _ GET [action] make) {if (isset ($ _ FILES [upimage] [tmp_name]) $ _ FILES [upimage] [tmp_name] is_upl index.

PHP generates ICO icons based on yii Framework

This article will share with you two pieces of code for generating ICO icons in php. The first one is implemented based on the YII Framework, and the second one is written in pure php, which is very good, for more information, see section 1.

The favicon. ICO file in Apache cannot be found.

Article from: when using SVN, the following logs are found in the error log: [Thu Apr 25 13:13:23 2013] [Error] [client] file does not exist: C: /program files/Apache Software Foundation/apache2.2/htdocs/favicon. ICO went to the C:/program

QT full Platform settings icon, full platform static compilation good

1. OverviewWhen we use QT to write a software, to share your program, it is impossible to copy the compiled directory to others to run. The compiled program should be a main program, add some resource files, add some dynamic link library, some of

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