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Very good two Bootstrap Icon selection components, bootstrapicon

Very good two Bootstrap Icon selection components, bootstrapicon I. Bootstrap icon picker component This component was found during the search on github. It looks good at the beginning and is based on the bootstrap style. Therefore, it is more

JS Component Series bootstrap icon selection component _javascript Tips

Foreword: A lot of friends in the group chat to bootstrap icon of the problem recently, for example the most common menu management, each menu definitely needs a corresponding menu icon, if have a visual icon to select Component is good, it is best

C # implementation icon Bulk download

This article is slightly longer, it took several nights to edit the changes, if there is a problem in the wording, please understand. This article is divided into four articles, the following is the main content, but also the basic software

Download 50 exclusive free Icon Sets

A sweet and beautiful collection of icons can perfectly present the best of designers. A powerful tool can save you a lot of time. As the saying goes: The best things are often free of charge. Therefore, it is used as an icon set. There are a lot of

What is favicon. ICO and how to create A favicon icon for your website? [Zz]

By Christopher Heng, Some time back, I had an email from a visitor asking me how I managed to have's icon displayed next to my URL in his browser's location bar. in fact, had he checked carefully, He wocould also

10 best free icon Download website recommended

After long-term use to organize the 10 best free icon download site, this time the main recommendation to meet the Chinese habits of several

Scenarios for handling touch icon in Android

Apple's touch icon is relatively familiar to us, it is Apple to support Web applications (or Web pages) to add to the desktop needs of the icon, with these touch icon Web links more and native application more similar. Because of the wide range of

How does the font icon work? Summarize font Icon Instance usage

Why does the web side need to make font icons? Good performance. In the previous project, the Web page icon is a picture, when the icon is many, the volume is relatively large. And in the past 2 years of UI design, always feel like this often

Icon download address Summary (zz)

Icon files are a small image that we often use. They can beautify your system and are also an indispensable element in website or blog design, especially in today's popular web. However, due to the small size, high pixel requirements, and special

12 Icon Icons Resource website

1. In addition to icon, there are a lot of good UI design material. Address: In addition to the free icon resource download, there is also a paid service for icon customization.Address: I like the way

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