download java 6 update 45 32 bit

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64-bit Apache deployment for the Unigui application

Tags: led other mouse Panel 3.5 dal graphical description networkingDeploying Unigui ISAPI modules under 64-bit Apache1. Establish a Unigui program2. Write simple content in the program3. Add 64-bit program compilation options, select 64-bit Windows

Install OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Xcode 5 with VirtualBOX virtual machine under Win 7

Tags: style http color os java using IO strong ARRecommended Computer RequirementsWindows 7, 32/64 bit CPU Intel Core i5/i7 memory 4GB more than 500GB HDDbecause the virtual machine does not support Apple Quartz Extreme/core Image, applications that

"Turn" on the Ubuntu10.04 compiled Android source (build Android source in Ubuntu10.04 Platform)

Label:Original URL:, IntroductionToday we will talk about how to compile Android source on the Ubuntu platform, my version of ubuntu10.04, before the compilation process explained I want

Windows2003 Server Settings Encyclopedia _ servers

Check if there is no activation: Start--> run--> oobe/msoobe/a--> Enter, wait a moment, You'll see a hint. If there is no activation, you install the system is not cracked, grasp to find a way to it! such as using Reset5.02 to activate the p

Step 7 (Ubuntu 17.04 Non-permanent support version) for local compilation of the full-log R series

Tags: Manager configure except 14. OpenSSH Lag compilation Complete runStep 7 (Ubuntu 17.04 Non-permanent support version) for local compilation of the full-log R series2017/6/29 13:490, access to the full R series of Android source package:Please

Ubuntu15.04 Installing the Android development environment

Label:First, install the Java SE JKDA, download Http:// Select the latest version, the current latest version 1.8.0. Download jdk-8u45-linux-x64.tar.gz.B, unzip the

Information security Technology Experiment Two network scan experiment +arp attack

Tags: Time tool remote RET Management test environment Windows platform Wireless network cardFirst, the purpose and requirements of the experiment1, understand the scanning technology working principle;2, deepen the understanding of the bottom of

Redis Environment Setup (Linux), Jredis

Tags: style blog http io color ar os using Java Brief introduction 1. NoSQL is stored in the form of key-value, unlike traditional relational databases, which do not necessarily follow some of the basic requirements of traditional

Vernacular development--DIY Android source code

Label:In the Android Studio code debugging article, there are a few tips on how to debug Android studio code. Now, let's talk about some of the things Android source compiles. (I think that as Android developer everyone should have a copy of their

Installing Bupt Sakai

system running Software Environment server side:Operating system: Linux (The following command is based on centos6.4) WindowsDatabases: Oracle database 10g or above, MySQL 5.5 or laterCompiling the runtime Environment: Java 1.7 Client:Windows7, Windo

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