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PHP Tutorials Download

a more comprehensive set of PHP tutorials , basic video and some small combat projects, below is the video directoryCD-ROM (i) \php employment Class (I.)CD-ROM (i) \php Technical exchange zone. URLCD-ROM (i) \ "Wisdom Special issue" belongs to it

win2008 iis7/iis7.5 The simplest and strongest installation of multiple versions of PHP support environment _win Server

Use PHP manager,windows 2008 R2 IIS7.5 Install multiple versions of PHP environment Personal on Windows 2008 R2, configure the installation PHP environment in the IIS environment to focus on the practice: 1, if you need to configure MySQL on the

How to configure PHP Security described in the wooden wing download system _ PHP Tutorial

The PHP Security Configuration method described in the wooden wing download system. I. Web server security PHP is actually a module function of the Web server. Therefore, we must first ensure the security of the Web server. Of course, to ensure the

PHP package and download the entire folder or multiple files

Sometimes you need to output all the files in a folder on the server, such as backing up a website, and use the following PHP function. The function library code PHPZip is: (copy the following code to save it for calling )? ClassPHPZip {Private $

"Turn" the PHP resources compiled by foreign programmers

Ziadoz a list of PHP resources that are maintained on GitHub, including libraries, frameworks, templates, security, code Analysis, logs, third-party libraries, configuration tools, Web tools, books, ebooks, classic blogs, and more. Bó Lè has

A collection of PHP resources compiled by foreign programmers

Dependency ManagementDependency and Package Management Library Composer/packagist: A package and dependency manager Composer Installers: A multi-frame Composer Library Installer Pickle: a php extension installer Other

"Turn" the PHP resources compiled by foreign programmers

Other frameworksOther web development frameworks Symfony cmf-Create a custom CMS Content management framework KNP rad bundle-symfony 2 Fast Application (RAD) Pack Framework ComponentsStandalone components from the Web development

PHP package and download multiple files

PHP5.2 + Built-in support for multi-file packaging, using the ZipArchive class. To package and download multiple files, take two steps. The first step is to use ZipArchive to compress multiple files and then use the header command to generate the

PHP security practices that must be known to system administrators

The security practice of PHP, which must be known by system administrators, is an open source server scripting language and widely used. The Apacheweb server provides the convenience of accessing files and content through HTTP or HTTPS. Improper

PHP uses the Curl function to Capture webpages and download files with multiple threads

PHP uses CurlFunctions to complete various file transfer operations, such as simulating a browser to send GET and POST requests. However, because php does not support multithreading, it is inefficient to develop crawler programs, therefore, you

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