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Poj3538 domestic networks DP + MST

Simple DP Calculate a minimum spanning tree before DP Status Transfer F [I] [J] indicates the minimum cost for the first I edge to use the No. 5 material in Unit J. F [I] [J] = min (F [I] [J], F [I-1] [J-Len] + Len * C5) F [I] [J] = min (F [I] [J], F [I-1] [J] + Len * C6) Then you can trace the output. The memory is a

Codeforces Round #221 (Div. 1) B. Maximum Submatrix 2 dp sort

'|| Ch>'9'){if(ch=='-') f=-1; ch=GetChar ();} while(ch>='0'ch'9') {x=x*Ten+ch-'0'; ch=GetChar ();} returnx*F;}//**************************************************************************************CharS[MAXN][MAXN];intDP[MAXN][MAXN];BOOLcmpintAintb) { returnA>b;}intMain () {intN=read (), m=read (); intans=0; for(intI=1; i) scanf ("%s", s[i]+1); for(intI=

Intel Code Challenge Final Round (div. 1 + div. 2, Combined) f-uniformly branched Trees no root tree with root tree +DP

Tag: INF pair scanf has root tree oid test i++ form ClassF-uniformly branched Trees#include #defineLL Long Long#defineFi first#defineSe Second#defineMk Make_pair#definePII Pair#definePLI Pair#defineull unsigned long Longusing namespacestd;Const intN = 1e3 +7;Const intINF =0x3f3f3f3f;ConstLL INF =0x3f3f3f3f3f3f3f3f; LL dp[n][ One][n], Inv[n], f[n], finv[n], g[n][ One];intN, D, mod;voidinit () {inv[1] = f[0]

Hdu 1069 Monkey and Banana (two solutions: 1.dp 2. Memory-based search)

both strictly smaller than the corresponding base dimensions of the lower block because there has to be some spac E for the monkey to step on. this meant, for example, that blocks oriented to have equal-sized bases couldn't be stacked. your job is to write a program that determines the height of the tallest tower the monkey can build with a given set of blocks. inputThe input file will contain in one or more test cases. the first line of each test case contains an integer n, representing the nu

Codeforces 888G xor-mst Sollin algorithm for minimum spanning tree, 0-1 xor or True

G. Xor-mst time limit per test 2 seconds memory limit per test megabytes input standard input output standard output You is given a complete undirected graph with n vertices. A number AI is assigned to each vertex, and the weight of an edge between vertices I and j are equal to Ai xor aj. Calculate the weight of the minimum spanning tree in this graph. Input The first line contains N (

Dynamic Planning Learning Series-divide DP (2) and Plan dp

Dynamic Planning Learning Series-divide DP (2) and Plan dp The second question of Partitioned DP, wikioi 1039, is different from the biggest idea of the product of the first question. Question requirements: Divide a number into several parts and ask the total number of methods.Truth-solving ideas:In fact, it is a bit

Question 2: Return Character Sequence (interval DP), return dp

Question 2: Return Character Sequence (interval DP), return dpTime Limit: 256 ms single point time limit: Ms memory limit: MB Description Returns the number of subsequences of input strings. The reversed Character Sequence is still the same as the original sequence. For example, in the string aba, the input sub-sequence is "a", "a", "aa", "B", and "aba". There are 5 sub-sequences in total. Subsequences

Problem D: Diligent Ripple 2 DP + derivative

Http://www.gdutcode.sinaapp.com/problem.php?cid=1049pid=3Dp[i][state] Represents the minimum number of days to rest when the first I is processed, and then the current status is state.For example, with 1 for rest, 2 for training, and 3 for exercise.If the current allowed state of the day is only training.Then dp[i][3] = inf (indicates impossibility)Rest is possib

First DP 0-1 backpack (rice card)

, which represents the balance on the card. mN=0 indicates the end of the data.Output for each set of inputs, outputs a line that contains an integer that represents the smallest possible balance on the card.Sample Input 1 50 5 10 1 2 3 2 1

POJ3624 0-1 Backpack (dp+ scrolling array)

Charm Bracelet Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 47440 Accepted: 20178 DescriptionBessie have gone to the mall ' s jewelry store and spies a charm bracelet. Of course, she ' d like-to-fill it with the best charms possible from the N (1≤ n ≤3,402) available Char Ms. Each charm I in the supplied list has a weight wi (1≤ w

Codeforces Round #263 (Div. 2) D. Appleman and trees (tree DP)

description of the colors of the vertices: n integers x0, x1, ..., xn -1 (xi is either 0 or 1). If xi was equal to 1, vertex i was colored black. Otherwise, vertex i was colored white. OutputOutput a single integer-the number of ways to split the tree modulo 1000000007 (9 + 7). Sample Test (s) input30 00 1

UESTC Summer Training #2 Div.2 A dp, recursive, multi-stage problem

possible path. He needs at least strength = 2 initially.Case 2:note this to start from (a) he needs at least strength = 1.Hint Added by: Varun Jalan Date: 2011-12-15 Time limit: 0.336s Source limit: 50000B Memory limit: 1536MB Clu

[ACM] hdu 3555 Bomb (Digital DP, count the total number of "49" contained in 1-N)

, we can find all the numbers that match the meaning of the question. This is the secret of the digital DP in this question. Another example is 1249. 1 ~ 999 1000 ~ 1199 1200 ~ 1239 1240 ~ 1248 1249 Dp [I] [j] indicates the number of I (that is, the number of I-bits) IN THE STATUS j. There are three statuses in this question: ①

[ACM] HDU 3555 bomb (Digital DP, count the total number of "49" contained in 1-N)

the secret of the digital DP in this question. Another example is 1249. 1 ~ 999 1000 ~ 1199 1200 ~ 1239 1240 ~ 1248 1249 DP [I] [J] indicates the number of I (that is, the number of I-bits) IN THE STATUS J. There are three statuses in this question: ① DP [I] [0] indicates the number of numbers with an I length and No

Codeforces Round #286 Div.1 A Mr Kitayuta, the Treasure Hunter--DP

Test instructions: 0~30000 There are 30,001 places, each place has one or more gold coins, the first step to D, the step size is D, the step after walk can be the last step +1,-1 or unchanged, go to a place to collect the wealth of that place, and now ask to go out (>30000) The maximum amount of wealth that can be collected before.Solution: It is easy to think of Dp

Hdu-1565 square number (1) (State compression dp entry

[I] [j] = max {dp [I] [j], dp [I-1] [k] + stn [I] [j]} (k indicates the k State of the I-1 row The final answer is the maximum value in dp [n] [j. Code: # Include # Include # Include Using namespace std; const int hpn = 18000; int state [hpn], stn [25

Codeforces Round #233 (Div. 2) D. Painting the Wall probability DP

][j]= ((n-j)/n) *dp[0][j]+dp[0][j-1]*j/n+1; Transfer: dp[i][j]=dp[i][j]* (n-i) (n-j)/n^2+dp[i-1

1) poj-2151-probability dp

namespace std;Struct node{Int u;Int v;Int w;Bool friend operator Return a. w }} Edge [2, 1001];Int gcd (int n, int m) {if (n Int lcm (int n, int m) {if (n Double p [1, 1001] [51];Double dp [1, 1001] [31] [31];Int main (){Int m, t, n, I, j, k;While (scanf ("% d", m, t, n) (m | n | t )){For (I =

Hdu 1561 tree-shaped dp+0-1 backpack

1 /*2 depending on the relationship, you can build a tree3 Dp[i][j] Indicates the maximum value of the first node selected J4 Dp[i][j]=max (Sigma (Dp[c[i][ki]))5 Sigma (Dp[c[i][ki]]) indicates the maximum number of J points select

(Digital DP 1.2) HDU 3555 Bomb (statistics 1~n, containing 49 of the number of numbers)

selected several similar problems for you:3554 3556 3557 3558 3559Topic Analysis:Digital DP.These are state transition equations.DP[I][0]=DP[I-1][0]*10-DP[I-1][1]; The representation does not contain 49 (when the number of digits increases by one, excluding 49 increases by

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