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Px, DP, and sp. What are the differences between these units?

I believe that every new Android beginner will encounter this problem. I hope this post will not make you tangle any more.Px: That is, pixels. 1px indicates a physical pixel on the screen; The unit of PX is not recommended because the actual size of

Ultraviolet A 10192-Vacation and ultraviolet A 10066-The Twin Towers

Longest Common subsequence Solution: according to the nature of the longest common subsequence, we can specify that dp [I] [j] is the length of the longest common subsequence of the first I character of string 1 and the first j character of string 2,

Codeforces round 160 (full)

Again kneeling... Continue. Stick to it !! Codeforces 261b First, use a backpack to process a DP array, and then enumerate each separator (that is, the preceding number plus this number exceeds p) to calculate all the quantities, and then calculate

Android UI and android UI

Android UI and android UI I thought the previous article was the last one written before the arrival of the Lunar New Year, but it seems that it is necessary to continue to record the useful information, which is relatively basic. I didn't pay much

Description of VCF (Variant call format) format

VCF File Sample (VCFv4.2)# #fileformat =vcfv4.2# #fileDate=20090805# #source=myimputationprogramv3.1# #reference=file:///Seq/references/1000genomespilot-ncbi36.fasta# #contig = -, length=62435964,


Only System. getProperties () can obtain system information. including the JDK path and system version. what I need is System. getProperty ("sun. desktop ") to obtain the system type. Because I use a Windows operating system, the returned String is

Android UI Design Specifications

1. Basic Knowledge 1.1 Mainstream screen size Identification Screen Size hdpi 480 * 800 xhdpi 720 * 1280 xxhdpi 1080 * 1920 1.2 Icon Size

Ultimate DOS Batch For loop command detailed _dos/bat

Format: for [parameter]% variable name in (related file or command) do execution command Function: Executes specific commands on one or a set of files, strings, or on each object in the result of a command to achieve the desired result.Note: When

Dark Horse programmer _ Network Programming

  IP address 1. IP address classification Class A to Class B to Class C: to Class D to Class E: to Start with IP 192.168 in the

Android API Chinese ListView

Android API Chinese ListView Body I. Structure     Public class RatingBar extends AbsSeekBar   Java. lang. Object Android. view. View Android. view. ViewGroup Android. widget. AdapterView Android. widget. AbsListView Android. widget.

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