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NetEase 2017 school recruit inside push the written test practice volume programming problem 1--1019. Digital Black Hole 20

;publicclassmain{ publicstaticvoidmain (String[]args) { scannerin=newscanner (system.in); stringnum=in.next ();int Result=0;while (result!=6174) { intleft=0; intright=0; char[]temp=creat (num); char[]l=newchar[4]; arrays.sort (temp); for (inti=3;i>=0;i--) { left=left*10+temp[i]-' 0 '; right=right*10+temp[3-i]-' 0 '; l[i]=temp[3-i] ;} if (left==right) { system.out.println (Newstring (L) + "-" +new String (temp) + "=0000"); return;} result=left-right; system.out.println (Newstring (L) + "-" +newst

2015 school recruit written interview algorithm summary of the Blue flood test

recurrence Relationship: c[i][j] = ((s1[i-1] = = s3[i+j-1]) c[i-1][j]) | | ((s2[j-1] = = s3[i+j-1]) c[i][j-1])Code:Class Solution {public : bool Isinterleave (string s1, String s2, string s3) { size_t len1, len2; Len1 = S1.length (); Len2 = S2.length (); if (len1 + len2! = S3.length ()) return false; BOOL **c = new bool*[len1+1]; Note * In the middle for (int i=0;iThe time complexity of the DP method is O (MN), the Space Complexity O (MN).Iv. sta

Embedded C language Written test

;The so-called exception, refers to the software run in some of the events that must be made to handle, the CPU automatically generates a sink to interrupt the current run, into the exception processing process.The difference between asynchronous and synchronous '56 High-priority tasks need to wait for low-priority tasks to release resources, while low-priority tasks are waiting for a medium-priority task to be called priority reversalPrecedence inheritance policy (priority inheritance): inherit

Java written test question Bank (01 issue) __java

Java Written test Bank (01 issue) Objective Unknowingly run this public number for some time, I am glad to know so many friends, the follow-up to the Java companion will push some of the network's selected technical articles mainly. At the same time do not regularly collate some of the questions, data structure for everyone in the free time to practice. Selected

About tiny4412 self-written QT4 program Open Camera Practice notes

I want to lazy borrow OpenCV own Videocapture class directly on arm Open the camera read data, failed .Baidu reason, need to compile the arm version of the OPENCV when the V4L2 support compiled, and it needs a lot of library support, to understand the details before it dawned on some of the OpenCV porting tutorial mentioned in the cross-compiling ffmpeg and other libraries, are the basis.Discard this scenario.two , continue to want to lazy, borrow online can find a variety of V4l2 Qt4 demo Open

Java JVM Learning Note Five (practice your own written class loader)

loader of the Testbeloader, this output verifies that the dynamic connection mode in the parental delegation mode, because Myclassloader is loaded by Appclassloader, So it will delegate its own parent to load the Com.yfq.test.TestBeLoader class, and the load succeeds so it will no longer invoke its own Findclass method, which we have discussed briefly in note three.Fourth output: If we will testbeloader test= (Testbeloader) cls2.newinstance (), this

Nodejs OJ Online Written test response program (several input processing Methods)

]} [description]*/functiondeal (inputs) {varresult = 0; //dosomething vardata =Inputs.map (function(item) {returnparseint (item.trim ())}). Sort (function(v1,v2) {returnV1-v2}); varLen =data.length; if(len%2==0){ varL = len/2; result = ((data[l]+data[l-1])/2). toFixed (2); }Else{ varL = (len-1)/2; result =data[l]}returnresult;}Are you right? obviously,haha, It's Fun. Address HTTPS://WWW.NOWCODER.COM/PRACTICE/2364FF2463984F09904170C

PHPUnit Test successful PHPUnit test practice code

16:12 2015/12/8PHPUnit test success, code written in the WWW directory, named after the class name code file, my file name isArraytest.php, the class named Arraytest, internally writes a simple test code:Require_once ' phpunit/autoload.php ';Require_once ' ArrayTeller.class.php ';Require_once ' phpunit/framework.php ';Class Arraytest extends Phpunit_framework_tes

Java written test + interview Summary (outline)

and Cookie, how to realize automatic login3, three handshake, four wave, sliding window protocol4. Http Header Content5. The difference between get and post6.40* Error, 50* error7. A brief introduction to MVC pattern8. SpringPrinciples, AOP, IOC9, MyBatisThe difference between the principle and JDBCFive, MySQL1. mysql Engine2, what is the index, the advantages and disadvantages of the index, the establishment of principles3. The difference between NoSQL4. SQL statementsA, to the table and the s

Peking University written test--Put apples

The title describes how many different kinds of sub-methods are available when the M-identical apples are placed on n identical plates, allowing some plates to be left empty.http://www.nowcoder.com/practice/a96b78e871c347bbb8cadf7bea0ee862?tpId=40tqId=21395rp=1ru=/ta/ Kaoyanqru=/ta/kaoyan/question-rankingIdeas:N Plates put m in two mutually exclusive cases① no plates for 0, at least 1 per plate, equal to n plates and m-n.② has 0 plates, which is equal

Java Written test questions (V)

similarities and differences between JSP and servlet?JSP is the extension of servlet technology, is essentially a simple way of servlet, JSP more emphasis on the application of the appearance of expression, compiled is "class servlet." The main difference between Servlets and JSPs is that the application logic of the servlet is in the Java file and is completely detached from the HTML in the presentation layer, whereas the JSP case is that Java and HTML can be combined into a file with a. jsp e

Android Unit Test Practice

Why Write unit TestsThe first step is to introduce the practice of unit testing for the financial side of Mushroom Street payment. It's a bit of a coincidence, just at the beginning, I would write unit tests alone. Then the bosses knew and thought it was a valuable thing, so they called me in charge of the unit test for our group. So slowly, unit testing has become a normal

JavaScript Basic Practice (1)--a 10-side ambush test of the prototype chain surface

, but also really open the gap between people and things, but also you want to enter the big manufacturers must cross the threshold, important but not urgent . The same is rookie, some people 3-5 years later became the front-end architect, some people 3-5 years later in the endless new framework to the button binding event, want to become what kind of person, will pay what kind of effort, most of the time is no fault. The basics are important! It's important! It's important!3. The basis of this

Data structure Classroom Practice Test System Requirements Manual 2.0

development process, making it easy to control and manage the software development process, and proposing the software development process of the data Structure classroom Practice test system, and it is also the foundation of the project planning, the outline design and the detailed design. It is the basis of maintenance personnel for internal maintenance, information updating, acceptance and testing, and

Excellent layered automated test practice

(high false alarm rate). Greatly affected by front-end style changes More external dependencies, not all use cases can be automated Limited coverage capacity Although we implemented script concurrency and failure use case retry mechanisms to improve execution efficiency and reduce false positives by combining Selenium-grid at the test framework and tool level, this approach only alleviates the problem and does not solve the problem o

Unit test practice summary

(Synchronized from http://www.blogjava.net/AndersLin/archive/2006/06/12/52298.html) Using unit testing in the system development process brings many benefits, most obviously: When you become convinced of the value of comprehensive unit testing, you'll find that it begins to influence how you write code, and the frameworks you choose to use. The first thing to solve in application unit testing isFocus of Unit Testing.The focus of testing is the test l

Web Test Practice Job Task assignment

To end the intense stimulation of the high-engineering mathematics test, 170405 Test teams have entered the Web testing practice linkThis time the mission is pivotal and is the last practical task of the entire test course, and in three days we will show the passion and speed of the web, and today we will announce the

The technical practice of Scrum Agile software development--test-driven development TDD

is worthless. The new test should also fail for the expected reason. This step increases the developer's confidence the unit test is testing the correct constraint, and passes Tended cases.3.write Some codethe next step is to Write some code, causes the test to pass. The new code written at the "This stage" is "Not pe

The small test sledgehammer of the C + + engineer Comprehensive Practice Roll

data high byte of the small end machine is placed at the high address, and the low byte is placed at the lower address. The x86 structure is a small-end mode.The Pshort occupies 2 bytes, and the 16 binary in memory is the 0x01 0x02, and the corresponding 16 binary number is 0x0201.Pshort + 2 points to the array array's subscript 4 element, occupies 2 bytes, 16 in memory is 0x05 0x06, the corresponding 16 binary number is 0x0605.The int64 type of pint64 is indeterminate, but according to the nam

Linux Operations Engineer Surface test Questions Practice

I went to a game company for an interview two days ago. The interviewer is the head of the operations department. Because the written test is a mess, it is directly despised. The interviewer didn't bother to say anything. In fact, a lot of written questions are basic types, test center also know, but not good summary p

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