dragon speech recognition for mac

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Speech recognition system First lesson-xcode configuration Portaudio Based on Mac X10.10

these 3 commands, a Lib folder will be generated with the files we need to add. 5, open Xcode New project, add 8 files in link Binary with libraries. a) directly drag Portaudio in the Include folder Portaudio.h to link Binary with libraries. b) Drag the libportaudio.a in the. libs file entered in step 4th. c" will drag the Libportaudio.2.dylib into the 4th step. d" Enter open/system/library/frameworks on the command line, Coreaudio.framework Au

Baidu Speech Recognition Service--speech recognition REST API Development notes

In the previous project used the Baidu Speech recognition service, here to make a note. Here is still to emphasize with you, the best learning materials is the official website. I'm just a note here, on the one hand to organize the idea, on the other hand, convenient later I use the time can be quickly recalled.What is the Baidu speech

Use the Baidu Speech API for speech recognition.

Because of the project needs, these days are trying to use the Baidu Speech API for speech recognition. but the recognition is "Ah, oh" or something, I cried. Here I just share this process, the error is that the post voice data is now the piece, it may be a conversion problem it.API Request Address:: Http://vop.baidu.

Play Baidu speech recognition, it is so simple

Two days after the Ming Dynasty is the company's annual FedEx Day. My understanding is the technical community brainstorming, idea spray like a big festival.For this event each person or two or three people a group need to have an idea, according to the current product status, put forward their own improvement or rich product ideas, I took out my mobile phone and went to the website, speech recognition This

Speech recognition another famous nuance company

qualitative leap, as the voice recognition technology slowly maturing, the driver can "tell" the Global Positioning System (GPS) their destination, mobile phone users do not have to press the button, only to the mobile phone to issue orders; Doctors can dictate the patient's medical records, And the next device can be automatically recorded, all of this through verbal instructions to control the application of the operation has not only appeared in s

The Python language realizes the example of Baidu speech recognition function

In the future, Ai occupies a heavy position in the market, Python language is the best programming language to study artificial intelligence, below, let us feel the charm of it! Baidu gives the sample program, whether C or Java version, are divided into method1 and method2 two kinds, the former is called implicit (post is the JSON string, audio data encoded into the JSON), The latter is called explicit (post is the audio data) This article mainly introduces the Python language implementation of

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