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Go: Intel CPU address Space Summary

-in integrated memory (256MB, or larger), and many other things. So the size of this part cannot be ignored.Now the Intel CPU is generally 64-bit, that is, can access to 64GB. And the DRAM is getting bigger, so that DRAM plus mmio space beyond 4GB, and mmio space is not arbitrarily changed. So now the way to do is to re-map part of the DRAM to more than 4GB of sp

Embedded System Development

persistently store information-that is, they do not erase content during reboot. This software uses the JTAG port on the target (embedded devices are usually called Targets in Embedded Development). It is an interface used to execute commands from external input (usually from host machines. Jflash-Linux is a popular tool for writing flash memory directly. It supports a large number of Flash chips; it is on the host machine (generally i386 machine-In this article we call an i386 machine as the h

Ram,sram,dram,sdram,ddr Ram,rom,prom,eprom,eeprom,nand Flash,nor FLASH the difference

RAM: It can be understood by literal means that SDRAM SRAM DRAM (These kinds of blue fonts below) can all be called Ram,random access memory (random access memory) abbreviation, the following is 51hei.com for everyone to tidy up the current memory of the difference.SRAM: Static random memory, that is, it does not need to refresh the circuit, unlike dynamic random memory, the data should be refreshed every once in a while. But his integration is relati

U-boot for smart210 (rookie from zero-learning LINUX) __linux

. Here if it is bank2 from 0x3000 0000+0x0100 0000 is 0x3100 0000 out of the beginning, Bank1 is starting from 0x2100 0000, used in commands such as serial transmission commands. /* MINI210 has 4 Bank of DRAM * * #define CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS 2/* divided into 2 parts * * #define SDRAM_BANK_SIZE 0x10000000/* 256256 MB * * #define PHYS_SDRAM_1 memory_base_address/* Start address of the first part * * #define Phys_sdram_1_size Sdram_bank_size #define PHY

U-boot START Process Analysis (2) _ Board level (board) section

platform, through the board in SPL image _init_f lit an LED light.The basic strategy of u-boot is to declare a series of APIs (such as Low_level_init, Board_init_f, Board_init_r, and so on) and invoke them in the core logic of U-boot. The porting and the developer of the platform, the need to do is to implement them according to the actual situation.At the same time, in order to reduce the amount of development effort, U-boot provides a common implem

Post) support for large memory in FreeBSD

Http://www.chinaunix.net Author: Jian Xin transparent published on: 15:01:41[Comment] [View Original] [BSD discussion area] [close] In the past few days, I have seen a question about the large memory of FreeBSD. I checked the relevant information and summarized it as follows:1: solution-add options PAE to the kernel2: Why is this problem?3: AMD instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jian Xin transparent reply to: 10:34:36 [Color =

D3d basic matrix functions and video card hardware terminology

Matrix-basic operation Pan rotation ScalingD3dxmatrixtranslation ()RotateD3dxmatrixrotationx ()D3dxmatrixrotationy ()D3dxmatrixrotationz ()D3dxmatrixrotationaxis ()ZoomD3dxmatrixscaling () Graphics Edo DRAM (Extended Data Out Dram): extended data output dram. Improves the dram access mode to shorten the Effective Memor

Common Hardware glossary! Absolutely authoritative! (Go !) VII. Display Card terminology

VII. Display Card terminology    Edo DRAM (Extended Data Out Dram): extended data output dram. Improves the dram access mode to shorten the Effective Memory Access time.    VRAM (Video Dram): Video RAM. This is a two-port memory optimized for graphics applications (data ex

Elementary introduction to algorithm and data structure: 72 fork Find tree Eight balance find tree 2-3 tree Nine balance find tree red black tree 10 balance find tree B-Tree

The two-fork search tree is described earlier, and he has no problem with the efficiency of finding and inserting in most cases, but he is less efficient in the worst case. The data structure of the balanced lookup tree introduced in this article and later in this article ensures that the LGN efficiency can be achieved in the worst case, and we need to make sure that the tree remains in equilibrium after the insert is complete, which is the Balanced search tree. In a tree with n nodes, we want t

DRAM and NAND Flash industry six trend forecast analysis

Based on the long-term observation of the DRAM and NANDFlash industries, DRAMeXchange, an analysis department of TrendForce, has put forward the following six major trend forecasts for the industrial development in the past two decades:Trend 1: PC-DRAM current mainstream specification DDR3 will dominate the market until 2014The mainstream specification for PC-DRAM

What is video memory? What is the role of video memory?

frequency is generally not more than 200MHz, in price and performance on the DDR has no advantage, so gradually replaced by DDR. DDR SDRAM is the mainstream of the market (including DDR2 and DDR3), on the one hand, the maturity of the process, batch production led to lower costs, making it cheaper, on the other hand, it can provide a higher frequency of work, resulting in excellent data processing performance. As for DDR Sgram, it is a product that t

BIOS Setup Illustrated Tutorial Award BIOS Latest (EXT) _ Other related

, set the FSB directly to the standard FSB, set the correct FSB number, and then press ENTER to determine. If the CPU frequency multiplier is not locked, pull the Ext.clock (CPU/AGP/PCI) menu will show a multiplier Factor (frequency multiplier setting) option this item selects the CPU frequency. 2.Estimated New CPU Clock: This item shows the total frequency of the first two [Ext. Clock] and [multiplier Factor]. 3. N/b Strap CPU as: This section allows you to set up a front-end bus that is assi

Development of Linux systems on embedded devices (2)

any device-It creates Super blocks, index nodes, and index node tables. In the above usage,/dev/Ram is the device on which 4096 ext2 file systems are built. Then, mount the device (/dev/Ram) to a temporary directory named/mnt and copy all necessary files. Once these files are copied, the file system will be uninstalled and the contents of the device (/dev/Ram) will be dumped to an ext2ramdisk, it is the required ramdisk (ext2 File System ). In the above Order, a 4 MB ramdisk is created and fill

About the graphics card's video memory

then moves to the location indicated by the memory address, which contains the required data. The first piece of information must be validated and saved to the system in order to prepare for the next cycle. This introduces a "wait state", because the CPU has to wait for the memory to complete a cycle foolishly. One of the important reasons that FPM is widely used is that it is a standard and safe product and is cheap. But its performance flaws have led

BIOS settings graphic tutorial Award Bios latest)

, you can select [PSB800].4. DRAM Ratio (CPU: DRAM ):This part determines the frequency ratio between the CPU and DRAM.Here, I have to explain the relationship between CPU and memory. The memory operating frequency is determined by the FSB, therefore, we increase the memory running frequency while overclock the CPU, and set the ratio of the external frequency to the memory bus frequency. If you are using DD

LCD and LED LCD screen difference between LCD and LED which is better?

light, will be active light-emitting), Sony and Samgsung have, but its panel is currently under 11 inches, and the price is very expensive, like Sony 11-inch AMOLED TV asking about rmB18000, belong to the high-end market, So there are few on the market. Let's take a look at the difference between LCD and led comparison of the actual picture, the following 2 notebook display: The left side for the CCFL backlight LCD, the right for the

BIOS Setup Illustrated Tutorial Award

(The current motherboard common BIOS mainly for the AMI and award two series, how to identify the BIOS brand series please, this article explains the award series of BIOS setup illustrated tutorial, if your BIOS for the AMI series please visitBIOS Setup Illustration tutorial Ami Chapter, the important part of the text has been marked red, fast reading please match the picture to see the red accelerated font

LCD and LED LCD screen is the difference between which is better?

, respectively, red, green, blue contrast under the three colors below figure: LED display and LCD display color screen contrast From the picture can be seen, the general naked eye Observation, the LCD screen and LED screen color difference is not very large. If you just pay for the name of the LED is not

In-depth study of S3C2440 bootloader

by interrupting;If you press the key, run the menu () function to display.At this time, autorun_ds = 1 and timer4 are interrupted;; The system will not automatically load.**************************************** ************/If (key! = 0){Autorun_ds = 1;// Printf ("Disable Autorun/N ");Menu ();First = 1;// To display the message, "USB host ...."// The downloadfilesize is not 0 after the result is returned from the serial port download. Therefore, you cannot perform a USB download!}// Add an aut

"Turn" DDR3 detailed (Take micron MT41J128M8 1Gb DDR3 SDRAM as an example)

addressing command is B1, R2, C6, you can determine the address is the location of the red lattice in the graph.At present, DDR3 memory chips are basically 8 bank design, that is, a total of 8 such "forms."The process of addressing is to specify the bank address, specify the line address, and then the column address to the final addressing unit.At present, the concept of the physical bank exists in the DDR3 system, which is a related term for the mem

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