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Draw any regular polygon with 45 lines of code using an elliptic plot

Recently, when I was doing box2dweb development, I wanted to write a function to create a positive polygon. However, due to my knowledge, I drew it on the draft paper and thought about it for a morning and didn't work out any good methods. Later,

Common geometric calculation algorithms

I. Introduction The emergence of computers has greatly simplified a lot of tedious work, but there are also some problems that are easy to understand but need to come up with a set of simple general solutions, for example, geometric issues. As a

How does delphi use basic drawing functions to draw statistical charts?

How does delphi use basic drawing functions to draw statistical charts? A drawing tool that comes with Windows cannot meet our drawing needs in any way. Many effects need to be implemented in other tools. How are these advanced functions

Determines whether the vertex is in the Multi-edge mode.

0. Preface Recently, I have encountered similar geometric location problems and have not spent any time summing up them. This article summarizes the methods and code for determining the location of common points and polygon. Hope to help you. All

The best algorithm for determining whether the point is within a triangle __graphice

For example, three vertices a (Xa,za) B (XB,ZB) C (XC,ZC) are knownand O-point (Xo,zo)Determine if o point is in triangular ABC in the X-Z planeI think of a lot of ways, but I'm looking for the quickest and the simplest. 1. Area discrimination

Game Engine Analysis (2)

Original Author: Jake Simpson Translator: Xianghai Part 1: illumination and texture of 3D Environments World LightingDuring the transformation process, we usually encounter one of the most important operations in the coordinate space called the

Topology (ZZ) in ArcGIS)

1. first look at the implementation of the topology in ArcInfo:Geodatabase became a new spatial data model after ArcGIS 8. It uses an open structure to store spatial data (including vector, raster, image, and three-dimensional terrain) and its

Design (26) Pascal Theorem Software Design

Design (26) Pascal Theorem Software Design Pascal's Theorem . Verification of more than 400 Special Cases 0. This is the cover of the vopt software, but it will be automatically deleted in just an instant. 0. The screen menu is displayed after the

Fireworks Draw Exquisite Stereo ipod

Stereo Little Darling recently bought an ipod, all the time boasting the beautiful appearance of the ipod, the powerful function. In addition to the recent study of fireworks, she threatened to paint the beautiful ipod with FW, unfortunately, she is

Common Methods in ObjectARX C ++

3.8 select an object in AutoCAD1.Ads_name[Still this name in AutoCAD 2000], acdbnameset () [ads_name_set ()], acdbnameequal () [ads_name_equal ()], acdbnameclear () [ads_name_clear ()], acdbnamenil () [ads_name_nil ()]In ads, adsrx, or ObjectARX,

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