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Design guidelines for Android drawer navigation

I read Google's official design guidelines for drawer navigation, how can this help me? At the very least, I can see what the drawer navigation is for, and what to pay attention to when using it. App design is based on rules, such as the use of drawer navigation, there are clear rules and scenes.The Navigation drawer (

Android Design and Development series second: Navigation Drawer

Navigation DrawerCreating a Navigation DrawerThe navigation drawer is a panel this transitions in from the left edge of the the screen and displays the app ' s main navigati On options.Displaying the navigation drawerThe user can bring the navigation drawer onto the screen by swiping from the left edge of the "screen" or by touching the AP Plication icon on the action bar.As the navigation

About android drawer, navigation drawer

. widget. adapterView; import android. widget. arrayAdapter; import android. widget. imageView; import android. widget. listView; import android. widget. toast; @ SuppressLint ("NewApi") public class MainActivity extends Activity {private CharSequence mTitle; private CharSequence mDrawerTitle; private String [] mPlanetTitles; private ListView mDrawerList; private DrawerLayout mDrawerLayout; private ActionBarDrawerToggle mDrawerToggle; @ Overrideprotected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)

How to Create a Drawer Navigation bar (Navigation Drawer) and navigationdrawer

How to Create a Drawer Navigation bar (Navigation Drawer) and navigationdrawerIf you need to reprint, please indicate the source: http://www.cnblogs.com/ghylzwsb/p/5831759.htmlcreate a navigation bar with a drawer The drawer navigation bar is displayed on the left edge of the screen and is the main navigation option Pa

Create navigation drawer → creating a navigation drawer

Original address http://developer.android.com/training/implementing-navigation/nav-drawer.html Create drawer navigation The navigation drawer is inThe application main navigation option panel at the left edge of the screen. it is hidden most of the time, but it is displayed when you slide from the left side of the screen with your fingers, or when you click the application icon on the toolbar at the top of

Android official finally support Navigation Drawer (navigation drawer) mode

On the day of Google Io, the Android team updated the support library and added several more important features to the support library of the new version (V13).Adds a drawerlayout control that supports the creation of Navigation drawer mode. Can be set from the left side of the menu or the right side, can also left the menu to exist.Add Slidingpanelayout controls to support the summary, detail interface modes on various screens. such as Gmail mailing

Layer (Overlays) _ Script

From OGRE 3D Chinese Jump to:navigation, search Layer (overlays) allows you to draw 2D or 3D elements on general scene content, such as hint information (heads-up displays (HUDs)), menu system, status bar, etc. The frame status bar in the Ogre system (frame Rate Statistics Panel) is an example of a layer (overlays). Layer (overlays) can be a 2D element or 3D elem

IOS_19 _ drawer effect _ imitation Netease, ios_19 drawer imitation Netease

IOS_19 _ drawer effect _ imitation Netease, ios_19 drawer imitation Netease Finally: MainStoryBoard: BeyondViewController. h //// BeyondViewController. h // 19 _ drawer effect _ imitation Netease /// Created by beyond on 14-8-1. // Copyright (c) 2014 com. beyond. all rights reserved. // # import BeyondViewController. m //// BeyondViewController. m // 1

Android navigation drawer-Navigation drawer (drawerlayout) used

1. Create a drawer Layout UseDrawerLayoutAs the interface root control. In drawerlayout, the first view is the main content of the current interface, and the second and third views are the drawer menu content. If the current interface only needs one drawer menu, the third view can be omitted. In the following example, drawerlayout contains two views. The first fr

Baidu Map api-Add event methods to custom overlays _php tutorial

This article briefly introduces the application of Baidu map, here I introduce a function is in their own layer to add an event method, there is a need for reference. To marker, lable, circle and other overlay add events is simple, direct addeventlistener can be. So, how should the event of a custom overlay be added? Let's have a look.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One, define constructors and inherit overlay

"Baidu Map API" How to add events to custom overlays

Http://www.cnblogs.com/milkmap/archive/2011/10/20/2219149.htmlSummary:To marker, lable, circle and other overlay add events is simple, direct addeventlistener can be. So, how should the event of a custom overlay be added? Let's have a look.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First, define constructors and inherit overlayDefine a constructor for a custom overlay function Squareoverlay (center, length, color) { This._center = center; this._le

Research on the drawer effect of several github third-party libraries, drawer github

Research on the drawer effect of several github third-party libraries, drawer github In the selection of the new version of the company's project, the drawer effects to be used in the leading flight were investigated. The main reason is that the ECS library used in the old project is not very good. Currently, we have conducted research on the third-party librarie

Android Navigation Drawer Style Drawer usage

NavigationDrawer navigation drawer) is a panel that transitions from the left edge of the screen and displays the main navigation operations of the app. Show Navigation Drawer You can slide the slider from the left edge of the screen or click the icon on the ActionBar of the app to display the Navigation Drawer to the screen. As an extension of NavigationDrawer,

Panel is a very good drawer control, panel drawer Control

Panel is a very good drawer control, panel drawer Control Panel is a good drawer Control A very good drawer control panel, which can control the drawer size, pop-up size, drawer placement and many other attributes, can be flexib

C + + overloads, overlays, hidden issues

time has been determined, then what is the mechanism to let the compiler determine this parameter value is 10? Rather than 20. A a actually calls the function itself within a, so the function argument comes from the default parameter of a, int B = 10; You may have questions: (learning is to think more)What characteristics does the following code match:1 classA {2 Public:3 voidFun (intB =Ten){4cout "A Fun:"Endl;5 }6 };7 8 classD | PublicA {9 Public:Ten voidFun (intB = -){ Onecout "

CSS Efficient development Combat: CSS 3, less, SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation--Reading Notes (2) CSS3 using layer overlays for multi-backgrounds

CSS 3 allows you to set multiple background images, each background image occupies a layer, the layer up and down according to the order in the CSS, the first written background in the top, each layer of the picture definition using commas separated.For example, the following code:[HTML] view Plaincopy background:url (http://dotnet.aspx.cc/Book/Images/CSS1_s.jpg) 00no-repeat, According to the code can be seen, each picture can be set their own displacement,

Custom map overlays (including view)

, Addviewcontent.getmeasuredwidth (), Addviewcontent.getmeasuredheight ()); Addviewcontent.builddrawingcache (); Bitmap Cachebitmap=Addviewcontent.getdrawingcache (); Bitmap Bitmap=Bitmap.createbitmap (CACHEBITMAP); returnbitmap; }Among them, the outermost layout I tried with relativelayout, but can not be converted to bitmap, deep-seated reasons are interested you can try.As long as the outermost layer is linearlayout, the layout of the inside you can write freely, no matter how many lay

ArcGIS Tutorial: How Fuzzy overlays work

specified gamma equals 1, the output is equal to the fuzzy Sum, and if gamma equals 0, the output is equal to the fuzzy Product. A value in between allows you to combine the evidence raster between these two extrema, and the result may be different from the fuzzy or fuzzy and. Fuzzy Gamma is a tradeoff between fuzzy Sum with incremental effect and fuzzy Product with diminishing effect. The relationship between gamma is defined as the term "fuzzy Sum" and "Fuzzy Product".   Fuzzy

Baidu Map Custom Overlays

View CodeBaidu Map Custom Overlays

Character overlays implemented on the directx--yuv420p

M_PMEMDC;Delete[] Pbmpbuf;MessageBox ("voer!");}Invoke part//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Setosd ();for (int i=0;i{for (int k=0;k{dc. SetPixel (K,79-i,rgb (ptemp[(i*640+k) *3+2],ptemp[(i*640+k) *3+1],ptemp[(i*640+k) *3+0]));if (ptemp[(i*640+k) *3+2]!=0)//need overlay via marker color filter{pframeyuv->data[0][(79-i) *720+k]=osdy;if ((79-i)%2==0){pframeyuv->data[1][(79-i) *720/4+k/2]=osdu;pframeyuv->data[2][(79-i) *720/4+K/2]=OSDV;}}}}//////

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