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How to crop pictures with Win7 drawing tools

Talking about the modification of pictures, many users may be the first time to think of the use of PS software to deal with, to adjust the picture size, picture add text, picture cutting time, you will also use PS software? In fact, these functions

Drawing-quartz2d-in iOS development

Reprint Please specify source: http://blog.csdn.net/whjForWork/article/details/44926763What is quartz2dQuartz 2D is a two-dimensional drawing engine that supports both iOS and Mac systemsRoleThe value of quartz2d in iOS development To

C # drawing

The code in this article is developed based on beta2 More and more web applications require charts for data display and analysis. For example, the voting result is displayed, and the company's production Statistical Chart is displayed and analyzed.

QT Graphics (basic drawing of Qpainter)

BrieflyQT provides a powerful 2D drawing system that can be drawn on screen and drawing devices using the same API, which is based primarily on the three classes of Qpainter, Qpaintdevice, and Qpaintengine. Qpainter is used to perform

C # GDI + simple Drawing (iv)

I have already introduced to you how to use GDI + to draw, and do an example, this article I introduce you how to do a similar Windows Paint tool. Personally think that if you want to do a powerful drawing tool, then simply mastering GDI is far from

A note on the drawing software

These days to read some code and a few macro package of documentation, is a little bit of the experience of drawing.Generally, the picture can be divided into two categories: one is the bitmap, and the other is the vector graph. The so-called bitmap,

Quartz 2D Simple Drawing

To draw with the CG framework: 1. Subclasses of UIView 2. Replication DrawRect method in Graphicview 3. Get the Graphics context object 4. Draw lines (1) First create a path, the line is defined in this path, and then the path to

A small program like a drawing board

Recently made a similar Windows drawing board applet, to share with you. The function and the interface all imitate with the drawing board which the Windows own, the interface like screenshot. The main functions are: hand-painted lines, simple

MFC drawing cbitmap/hbitmap/cimage/cstatic/cdc/hdc-Five methods of painting to static

Reference: http://bbs.csdn.net/topics/30173861 Reference: http://www.360doc.com/content/13/0507/21/10724725_283723432.shtml Owed by: Spring Night rain Http://blog.csdn.net/chunyexiyu reprint, please indicate the source The graphics used are drawn to

Using the GD Library in PHP to draw a line chart line graph drawing Method _php Example

In PHP, there are some simple image functions can be used directly, but most of the images to be processed, you need to compile PHP in addition to the GD library. In addition to installing the GD library, additional libraries may be required in PHP,

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