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How long will we have to wait before we can get into a real driverless car?

years. Other potential markets include Tesla and Daimler, which will launch the L4 system by the end of 2020, which boasts Mercedes-Benz brands and heavy trucks. But most consumers may have to wait 2021 or 2022 years to buy L4 driverless cars, which will appear in the form of alternatives to ordinary cars and trucks. Tesla autopilot system By the same, Google's

The fundamentals of Driverless cars

so far, Google's driverless cars have been running on the road. - more than a kilometer, no accident occurred. What is the reason for this? Does the car have long eyes? To be honest, unmanned driving is safer than driving because the machine is not distracted and will concentrate on driving.   1959American Neuroscience expertDavid Hubel(1926-2013experiment with a cat after anesthesia, inserting a miniature electrode in its cerebral cortex to collect

Thinking about driverless cars

Recently, it has been fortunate to learn about Google's New world-facing, driverless car, though it hasn't been available yet, but for the moment it has had a huge impact, and now I'm going to talk about my big idea of the future of this driverless car. Driverless cars, as the name implies, driverless cars, that is, au

How to draw cute pickup trucks using Illustrator

I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software to share with you the tutorial on creating cute pickup trucks.Tutorial sharing:In the Ai software, create a 800*800 document, select the rounded rectangle tool, hold down shift to draw a rounded corner image, and fill in the color, as shown in the figure.Select the rectangle tool, draw two rectangular images, and fill in the color, as shown in the figure.Select the pen tool, draw the following image, and fill in the color, as shown

Association between the collision of car trucks in yan'an

Passengers in the industry think that the type of sleeper passenger car should be canceled. I personally think the plane should be canceled. I personally think the train should be canceled. I personally think that the vehicle should be canceled.

PS synthesis of trucks falling from suspended aerial platforms the effect of surreal scenes tutorial

We're going to go into a fantasy world, using many different pictures and some really cool techniques to create surreal world illustrations! Synthesis is not only a few pictures to pull together on the finished, the most important is the light and

UVA 12655 Trucks [LCA] (tree chain split +mst)

The Subtle Balloons Company (SBC) are the main balloon provider for programming contests; It hasHuge factories and warehouses, as well as a extensive truck fleet to ensure the contestants ' happiness.There is lots of competition sites in Nlogonia,

About the past, present and future of unmanned driving, read this article is enough!

, and most services are communicated to end users via the Internet. Now, we go to the sixth stage of information technology development, the robot begins to appear as the bearer of the service, one of the concrete examples is the unmanned driving product. Unmanned driving is not a single new technology, but a series of technology integration, through the effective integration of many technologies, in the case of unmanned driving safely to the passengers. This chapter describes the classification

Horizontal and vertical expansion of Web sites (translated)

When a developer increases the load on a computer system, it is common to consider two ways of scaling vertically and horizontally. The choice of which strategy depends mainly on the problem to be solved and the limitation of system resources. In this article we will describe both strategies and discuss the pros and cons of each. If you already have a software system that needs to grow, you will intentionally or unintentionally choose one of these two strategies.Vertical expansionIn the vertical

The difference between buffer and cache in Linux

, the storage of slow data first store data in Buffer, A device that reaches a certain level of storage and then reads the data from buffer, during which the CPU of the device that stores it quickly can do other things.Buffer: Typically used to write to disk, for example: a process requires multiple fields to be read in, and fields that have been read before all required fields are read into buffer are first placed.Assuming a natural disaster (such as an earthquake), residents deprived, and send

"Go" Building a MAVEN Web project

Maven Web AppCreate a Web applicationTo create a simple Java Web application, we'll use Maven's prototype-web App plugin. So let's open the command console, go to the C:MVN directory and execute the command mvn.C:MVN>MVN archetype:generate-dgroupid=com.companyname.automobile-dartifactid=trucks-darchetypeartifactid= Maven-archetype-webapp-dinteractivemode=falseMAVEN will start processing and build a complete web-based Java application project structure

One of the Java design patterns is the bridge mode.

-classes, truck and bus ), they have [set the engine] This action. You can set them as 1500cc (car1500), 2000cc (car2000) cars by setting different engine specifications.In this way, both 1500cc trucks, 2000cc trucks, 1500cc buses, and 2000cc buses can be sub-categories of automobiles:-Subclass attributes that are relatively parallel. The type of a car, which is in parallel with the engine specification of

Knowledge about the ADSL Network Connection Mode

trucks to get in and out. 1. delivery in: How much is it? 2. delivery: You can only load 100 pig pigs at a time, regardless of how much traffic you need and how many trucks you want to transport.There are two situations in your home: 1. If you have money, the door to your home is usually opened. buy pig: transport trucks come in directly, but you can only drive

Hnu 13411 Reverse a Road II (maximum flow +bfs) Classic

Reverse a Road II Time limit: 10000ms, special time limit:25000ms, Memory Limit:65536KB Total Submit users: Accepted users: 6 problem 13411: No Special Judgement Problem description JAG Kingdom is a strange kingdom such, it N cities is connected only by one-way roads. The n cities is numbered 1 through N. ICPC (International characteristic Product Corporation) transports its products fro M the factory at the city S to the store

Five steps to understand ext drag and drop (on)

problems of the drag-and-drop action, such as triggering, ineffective removal, and successful removal, as well as event message programming, the problem of modifying the appearance is also discussed.Structure of drag-and-drop classes Some people may be afraid of Ext. DD, but if we observe the source code with a little patience, we will find that many classes inherit from dragdrop.Class, which is divided into two categories: "drag" and "Drop Down. The objects targeted by the classification are t

BMW self-developed open source CMS

Learn about Linux, please refer to the book "Linux should Learn" As cars become more intelligent and unmanned, have you ever wondered if open source software and cars can be connected? According to open source news this week, BMW will join forces with Intel and Mobileeye to develop driverless cars with open source content management systems, among others.BMW Team develops open source automation technology in collaboration with Mobiley

Ai's heat in science and technology through Li's proposal

its main business of providing automated robotics for Hollywood business films. After that, Google also acquired a photo analysis company Jetpac, the full march into the image recognition technology.  2. Deep learning with exerting forceIn March 2013, Google acquired the Deep learning Enterprise Dnnresearch, founded by Jeffrey Hitton, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto in Canada, to truly establish Google's leading position in the field of deep learning in AI. At the begi

VPN Principle and Implementation-General Theory

difficult to cross the NAT, because the Nat needs to modify the IP header, once the IP header is modified, the final Ah or ESP authentication and encryption verification results will be wrong, so you cannot use the IPSec VPN in the NAT network environment at will, of course, the IPSec protocol that does not involve IP header authentication can still be used. Is VPN a straw of IPSec? The authentication and encryption logic is very complex and diverse. It is not suitable for the IP layer. It is s

Poj 1789 truck history (Minimum Spanning Tree)

Question link: Id = 1789 DescriptionAdvanced Cargo Movement, Ltd. uses trucks of different types. some trucks are used for vegetable delivery, other for furniture, or for bricks. the company has its own code describing each type of a truck. the code is simply a string of exactly seven lowercase letters (each letter on each position has a very special meaning but that is unimportant

OpenVPN construction and related configuration in CentOS6.3

in the nat network environment at will, of course, the IPSec protocol that does not involve ip header authentication can still be used. Is vpn a straw of IPSec? The authentication and encryption logic is very complex and diverse. It is not suitable for the ip layer. It is sufficient for the ip layer to quickly route and connect to different subnets, if we look at each layer of the layered model as a means of transportation, the problem will be easily solved. Transport or transport means can tra

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