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DB link migration (the password in dblink is unknown), dbdblink

DB link migration (the password in dblink is unknown), dbdblinkI don't know if DBAs sometimes encounter such a situation where the Public db link is used for Schema migration. However, the target account password in db link is unknown, therefore,

DB link Migration (the password in Dblink is unknown)

I do not know whether the DBA will sometimes encounter such a embarrassed embarrassed situation, to do some schema migration, due to the use of the public DB link, however, because do not know the DB link target account password, it is not possible

How to create an oracle db Link

 How to create an oracle db Link   Known: database 1: test1; database 2: Test2Requirement: Create a DB link from database 1 to database 2 Solution 1: 1. on the computer where database 1 is located, create the service name to database 2:

PEAR DB Transaction Related

1.autoCommit (), commit (), rollback ()function autocommit ($onoff =false)Specifies whether the transaction is committed automatically. Some back-end databases are not supported.function commit ()Commit the current transactionfunction rollback

Oracle's DB Link

Links between databases are built on database link. To create a DB link, you must first set up the link string on each database server. 1, configure TNS, $ORACLE _home/network/admin/tnsname.ora 10gstandby = (DESCRIPTION = (address = (PROTOCOL =

View creation and deletion of DB link

1. View DblinkSelect owner,object_namefromwhere object_type=' DATABASE LINK';OrSelect * from Dba_db_links;2. Create DblinkPremise:The user who created the Dblink has the corresponding database permissionsCreate Public Database Databasecan

Oracle DB Link

The links between databases are established on the database link. To create a DB link, you must first set the link string on each database server. 1. Configure TNS, $ ORACLE_HOME/Network/admin/tnsname. ora 10 gstandby = (Description = (Address =

The Administrator cannot delete the DB Link created by other users.

The Administrator cannot delete the DB Link created by other users (for example, emcd ): (1) you can log on to the database as an administrator, query dba_users, and write down the values of the user's emcd password: SQL> select username, password

View, create, and delete a DB Link

1. View dblink select owner,object_name from dba_objects where object_type='DATABASE LINK'; Or select * from dba_db_links; 2. Create a dblinkPrerequisites:The user who created dblink has the corresponding database permissions.Create public

Oracle Db Link test

Source database:Computer Name: bkjiaDatabase Name: orcl Target database:Computer Name: suzhouDatabase Name: ocp 0. Create a test table for the target databaseSQL> conn scott/passwordConnected.SQL> show user;The USER is SCOTT"SQL> create table t12 (3

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