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"Translated from MOS article" encountered error in Alter/drop tablespace ora-38301,ora-00604,purge dba_recyclebin.

Error encountered while Alter/drop table space Ora-38301,ora-00604,purge Dba_recyclebin notSuitable for:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version and laterInformation in this document applies to any platform.Symptoms:When you try to drop an empty tablespace, you encounter RecycleBin-related errorsSql> drop

ORA-00604 ORA-00376 Unable to Drop a tablespace in GoldenGate (document ID 1930964.1)

ORA-00604 ORA-00376 Unable to Drop a tablespace in GoldenGate (document ID 1930964.1)From:ORA-00604 ORA-00376 Unable to Drop a tablespace in GoldenGate (document ID 1930964.1)Suitable for:Oracle goldengate-version and laterOracle database-enterprise edition-version and laterInformation in this docum

Drop Tablespace ORA-02429

when you delete a tablespace, you encounter a ORA-02429 Error: Sql> drop tablespace TEST including contents and datafiles;Drop tablespace TEST including contents and datafiles*Line 1th Error:ORA-00604: Recursive SQL Level 1 error occurredORA-02429: Unable to del

Oracle tablespace & amp; datafile -- oracle tablespace

database rename file 'e: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ oradata \ TEST01.DBF 'to 'e: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ oradata \ orcl \ TEST01.DBF'; then open the database: alter database open, and an error is returned: ORA-01113: file 7 requires media recovery ORA-01110: data file 7: 'e: ORACLE \ PRODUCT \ 10.2.0 \ ORADATA \ ORCL \ TEST01.DBF ', the details still do not understand, only know that the database that this data file was damaged, backup and log information must be used for restoration

Oracle Tablespace management Tablespace & amp; Data Files

separately) 1. used for sort operation 2. can be shared by multiple user 3. cannot contain any permanent objects (cannot contain permanent information) 4. Locally managed extents recommended (the locally method is recommended) 5. Create temporary tablespace temp tempfile '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/temp01.dbf' size 20 M extent management local uniform size 4 M 1. Specify Temporary tablespace 2 when creating a

Description of Oracle default tablespace (default permanent tablespace)

---------------------------------------------------------- Dave3 -- Drop dave3: SQL> drop tablespace dave3 includingcontents and datafiles; Drop tablespace dave3 including contentsand datafiles * Error at line 1: The ORA-12919: Can not

Summary of Oracle Creating temporary tablespace, user tablespace, creating User association Tablespace, authorization, etc.

Tags: oracle tablespace user Oracle Licensing1. Create a temporary table spaceCREATE Temporary tablespace test_tempTempfile ' C:\oracle\product\10.1.0\oradata\orcl\test_temp01.dbf 'SIZE 32MAutoextend onNEXT 32M MAXSIZE 2048MEXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL; generally starting from the second step, you can2. Create User table SpaceCREATE tablespace GzjssapceLOGGINGDataFile

Summary of creating temporary tablespace, user tablespace, creating user-associated tablespace, and authorization in oracle

Summary of creating temporary tablespace, user tablespace, creating user-associated tablespace, and authorization in oracle1. Create a temporary tablespaceCreate temporary tablespace test_tempTEMPFILE 'C: \ oracle \ product \ 10.1.0 \ oradata \ orcl \ test_temp01.dbf'SIZE 32 MAUTOEXTEND ONNEXT 32 m maxsize 2048 MExtent

Oracle 11g Release 1 (11.1) tablespace-simple management of permanent tablespace

may need to move the data files in a specific tablespace. To ensure the consistency of the data files in the tablespace, you must change the tablespace to offline before moving the data file to prevent the data files from being modified. After the table space maintenance is completed, the tablespace should be immediat

Oracle tablespace query and maintenance command Book 3 (temporary tablespace) the most comprehensive history, oracle command book

default temporary tablespace TEMP1;-- Delete temporary tablespaceDrop tablespace temp including contents and datafiles;-- Clear temporary tablespaceAlter tablespace temp shrink space keep 20 M;-- Automatically reduces the temporary file size of the tablespace to the minimum possible size.Alter

Orale Tablespace&datafile--Oracle Tablespace ____oracle

rename file ' e:/oracle/product/ 10.2.0/oradata/test01. DBF ' to ' e:/oracle/product/10.2.0/oradata/orcl/test01. DBF '; then open the database: Alter DB open, error: ORA-01113: File 7 requires media recovery ORA-01110: Data file 7: ' e:oracle/product/10.2.0/oradata/orcl/test01. DBF ', the details do not understand, only know that the data file is considered to be corrupted by the database, need to use Backup, log information to recover. This would have been a rather serious problem, but in this

Rebuild the rollback tablespace and the rollback tablespace

'/opt/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/undotbs02.dbf' size 100 m -- Switch the undo tablespace so that the system uses the new rollback tablespace. Alter system set undo_tablespace = undotbs2 scope = spfile -- Close the service Shutdown immediate -- Restart the service Startup -- Delete the original hybrid tablespace Drop

MySQL InnoDB shared tablespace and independent tablespace

tablespace in mysql is 10 Gb in the operating system ), database cold backup is slow; Iv. Advantages and Disadvantages of independent tablespace 4.1 advantages of independent tablespace Each table has its own independent tablespace, and the data and indexes of each table are stored in its own

MySQLInnoDB shared tablespace and independent tablespace

. Shared tablespaces cannot be reduced after they are allocated: when temporary indexes are created or a temporary table is created to expand the tablespace, that is to say, you cannot shrink the space of a table by deleting the table. (it can be understood that the tablespace in oracle is 10 Gb, but only 10 MB is used, but the tablespace in mysql is 10 Gb in the

Oracle tablespace & datafiles-Oracle tablespace-application instance (2)

not use the atuoallocate parameter when creating a local temporary tablespace for management. By default, the system creates an uniform management mode to add data files to the tablespace:Alter tablespace sales add datafile '/home/APP/Oracle/oradata/Oracle8i/sales02.dbf' size 800 m autoextend on next 50 m maxsize 1000 m; 9. add data files to the tablespace Alte

Temporary tablespace cleaning in Oracle and Oracle tablespace cleaning

turn, assume that the temporary tablespace name is temp. Create a New tempa tablespace and delete the temp tablespace as follows: Create temporary tablespace tempa tempfile '/opt/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/tempa01.dbf' SIZE 8192 m reuse autoextend on next 1024 k maxsize unlimited; -- create temporary

MySQL InnoDB shared tablespace and independent tablespace

, applications such as the daily value system do not use the most shared tablespace. In shared tablespace management, the tablespace cannot be reduced after it is allocated. When a temporary index is created or a temporary table is created, that is, you cannot shrink the space of a table after deleting it. During disk monitoring, alarms may continue, but MySQL ca

Oracle creates tablespace, temp tablespace, create user and specify Tablespace, authorize, delete user and table space

Label:/*Note: If you already have the appropriate user and table space, you will need to delete the appropriate user and tablespace before re-establishing all*/--Delete UserDrop UserUSERNAMECascade;--Delete Table SpaceDropTablespace data_temp including contents anddatafiles;DropTablespace DATA including contents anddatafiles;--Create a temporary table spaceCreate TemporaryTablespace data_temp Tempfile'data_temp. DBF'size 500M autoextend on;--CREATE TA

Oracle creates user, tablespace, and specifies tablespace for index __oracle

successfully. /* Delete table space and user/* Drop user IVMS86X0_WJ cascade; ---Remove all objects from the user successfully in the delete user test.--drop tablespace yuanmin_data including contents;--drop tablespace yuanmin_temp including contents;

Oracle tablespace query and operation methods

like 'default %' Change System Default temporary tablespace Alter database default temporary tablespace test_temp; Iv. Change the tablespace status 1. Take the tablespace offline Alter tablespace test OFFLINE; If the data file is accidentally deleted, the RECOVER option m

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