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Drupal output A user name problem with Drupal's theme function theme output _php tutorial

Today, I met the problem of Drupal output a user name, using the Drupal theme function theme output, and then search the data to find out the following content: 1, Theme (' username ', array (' account ' = $log)) call function, parameter 1 is hook, parameter 2 is parameter

Build a new theme for Drupal 7

redefine the rest of the default zone; otherwise, they will be omitted. This rule also applies to style sheets. Even if a style sheet is not technically defined in a group, you must redefine style.css again if another style sheet is defined in the. info file, otherwise it will not be included.The keys and values in Listing 6 are the default values for the Drupal 7 topic.Listing

Drupal Theme Drupal directory structure and request execution process

output and returns true, outputs the contents directly, the program exits 3. Initialize database: The Include database processes files and activates the database. 4. Permission validation: If there is no permission, the program exits 5. Initialize session: include Session processing files, registering session processing functions, and session_start (); 6. Post-page cache: If no cache is called, the module name of all modules _boot () function

Drupal output a user name problem using drupal theme function output _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Drupal uses the theme function of drupal to output a user name. Today, I encountered the problem of using drupal to output a user name. I used drupal's theme function theme to output it. so I searched for information and found out

Drupal output a user name using drupal theme function

Today, I encountered the problem of using drupal to output a user name. I used drupal's theme function theme to output it. so I searched for information and found out the following content: 1. theme ( #39; username #39;, array ( #39; account #39 ;=> $ log) call the function, parameter 1... "/> Today, I encountered th

[Drupal] Notes on some common theme Functions

Drupal is an excellent open-source CMS. Its topic template customization function is also very powerful. Yesterday, I wrote functions commonly used in joomla templates. Of course, Drupal is indispensable. When developing modules, you don't have to look down. Most of the following functions and methods are mostly used for templates and debugging topics. The description is only applicable to

Drupal Theme system: getting started and advanced tutorial

Drupal's visual control is the most flexible and customizable, but this system is complex and not intuitive enough. In addition, some authors who are not fluent enough often write obscureDrupal topic advanced featuresAnd so on, the passion for Theme learning is completely broken down. This article will introduce the principles, distribution, and usage of Theme from a relatively simple perspective.Working Pr

Drupal Theme Main file

**.info file **.info file is a required file: Drupal must include it in order to see the topic. The. info file tells the internal name of the Drupal topic. For example, if the name of this file is Ibmtheme.info, then the name Drupal gives to this topic will be ibmtheme. If your theme uses elements such as JavaScript, m

Using Drupal 6 views module series (2)

Original article: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_48a770da0100gam5.html Rare and rare Chinese Drupal view detailed tutorial, transferred from http://www.cc.ntu.edu.tw/chinese/epaper/0009/20090620_9009.htm Author: programming organization for Educational Research Groups at Tang xuanyuan university computer and network-based Education Center In this article, we will introduce?The large functions and usage of arguments, relationships and sort

6 Tools Test wordpress Theme Cross-browser Compatibility

So far, has done a lot of WordPress theme, there is free, but also customized, the most annoying thing is, in different browsers test the compatibility of WordPress theme. Maybe your computer has the latest version of your most commonly used browsers, but in order to test the compatibility of the browser, we have to put our WordPress theme in a different browser

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