drupal 7 performance modules

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Drupal's cache technology application-let your website Fly

I often hear from people on forums and QQ groups that Drupal is very slow. in the initial state, it cannot carry much data and concurrency, and the performance is very poor. However, we can find that many major websites are also developed using

Detailed tutorial on using Drupal7 with Varnish and integrating the drupal module

Varnish is a high-performance open-source HTTP accelerator that is relatively complex to use, especially when used with drupal. Now let's record the detailed settings for Drupal7 with Varnish. tutorial preparation environment first install a brand

Drupal's cache technology application-let your website Fly

Therefore, you cannot completely solve the performance problem, but you can use some common solutions to significantly improve the website performance based on the actual situation. We often say that you know the 80/20 theory, so if you exchange 20%

General methods of drupal8 and drupal7 modules

The bate version of drupal8 has come out, and I have nothing to worry about. I found that the directory structure has changed a lot. The theme and module of the website should be in the root directory themes and modules. Also compatible with d7

PHP open-source project

Introduction: This is a detailed page of the PHP open-source project. It introduces related knowledge, skills, experiences, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: // biancheng.dnbc?info/pingjia.php? Id = 335089

Web test tools in backtrack

use of the Web Application Risk Assessment tool in Backtrack 5 (joomscan blindelephant cms-explorer whatweb plecost wpscan)2013-03-02 04:03:51|  Category: Tool Collection | Tags:joomscan blindelephant whatweb plecost wpscan | Report | Font size

10 open-source server technologies you need to know

10 open-source server technologies You Need To Know-Linux Enterprise applications-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. If you think that the open source server technology is only for the Linux operating

10 open-source server technologies you need to know

If you think that the open source server technology is only for the Linux operating system, consider it. Although these software projects are very compatible with Linux, they are not part of the top ten open-source technology products discussed in

O & M-varnish of server Cache

Varnish I. Introduction: First, I want to understand several concepts, 1. varnish does not Cache HTTP output with the set-Cookie header. 2. varnish complies with the HTTP part for the cache part in the HTTP protocol. For example, control-Cache:

Comparison of PHP, Python, ruby--web scripting languages

Summary In the last few years, scripting languages have become increasingly popular in Web application programming. This paper attempts to find the differences, advantages and disadvantages in today's three most popular languages: PHP, Python, and

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