drupal check module enabled

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Drupal 7 module. info file Introduction

Drupal uses the. info file to save the basic data about theme and modules (metadata ). Encoding: UTF-8 is recommended, that is, BOM (byte order mark) is not included ). The following is an example of. info. name = Really Neat Widgetdescription =

Drupal Module explains-authcache caching principle detailed tutorial

Related articles:Drupal Module Advanced application authcache-dynamic loading content tutorial Authcache module and boost module are not the same principle, boost module is to generate static pages, so the best caching effect, the fastest. Authcache

Drupal Theme system: getting started and advanced tutorial

Drupal's visual control is the most flexible and customizable, but this system is complex and not intuitive enough. In addition, some authors who are not fluent enough often write obscureDrupal topic advanced featuresAnd so on, the passion for Theme

Drupal 7 modulo. info File description

Drupal uses the. info file to save topic (theme) and module (modules) basic data (metadata).Coding: We recommend using UTF-8. This is a no BOM (Byte Order Mark).Here is an example of a. InfoName = really Neat Widgetdescription = provides a really

Develop tutorial 1.2 using Drupal/PHP internally

In the internal development standard of DrupalPHP 1.2, the preface is often said: "There are no rules, not a square ". Good programming styles and specifications are important to developers and project management personnel. When a software project

How to solve the other 404 errors on the home page after the Drupal site is changed to server

Problem description:"Page not found" Errors on every page should T homepage ."That is to say, the drupal website you created can be accessed on the homepage, and all other sections are accessed and displayed as the 404 error page.Problem

Drupal 7 syntax highlighting with WYSIWYG and tinymce

Original article: http://stuartmcgoldrick.com/drupalwysiwyg Introduction This article is designed to help you get syntax highlighting working correctly with your Drupal 7 installation and using a WYSIWYG editor. the outcome of this tutorial is to

How do I get Drupal to use Wordpress-style editing code?

If you've ever had the experience of migrating a Wordpress site to Drupal, it's likely that the first thing customers will ask is how to add editing code to Drupal.The Shortcodes plugin in Wordpress allows the user to add various editing code to the

Add custom CSS and drupalcss to the Drupal 7 website

Add custom CSS and drupalcss to the Drupal 7 website When we are visiting a chat room or forum, we often encounter questions about how to add custom CSS to the Drupal website. Generally, it is best to add a custom CSS with the Drupal topic. However,

Resolving a solution that Drupal clean URL cannot enable

Some prerequisites:Website Domain name: site.comWeb site installation directory:/var/www After git pull the code to the server and deployed the database, the clean URL is not enabled, and the following is the troubleshooting and resolution steps: 1

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