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Detailed tutorial on using Drupal7 with Varnish and integrating the drupal module

Varnish is a high-performance open-source HTTP accelerator that is relatively complex to use, especially when used with drupal. Now let's record the detailed settings for Drupal7 with Varnish. tutorial preparation environment first install a brand

Detailed tutorial on using Drupal7 with Varnish and integrating the drupal module

Prepare the environmentFirst, install a brand new Drupal. We recommend that you use drush to install Drupal quickly.First, create a database and remember the user and password.### Enter mysqlMysql-uroot-pCreate database 'mydb' character set utf8

Drupal Module explains-authcache caching principle detailed tutorial

Related articles:Drupal Module Advanced application authcache-dynamic loading content tutorial Authcache module and boost module are not the same principle, boost module is to generate static pages, so the best caching effect, the fastest. Authcache

Drupal 7.31 SQL injection vulnerability exploitation and EXP, drupal7.31

Drupal 7.31 SQL injection vulnerability exploitation and EXP, drupal7.31Zookeeper This article and program will be published a few days later. However, it seems that the Drupal hole has not attracted much attention, so I do not have to pay attention

Notes for Drupal website from local release to server

When the Drupal website is migrated from a local server to a server, you may encounter different problems, such as import timeout, small memory, and excessive cache import failure lines. Solution: PHP. ini configurationExtension = php_gd2.dll is

IIS7 and IIS7.5 lose sessions in high version IE. A new sessionID is generated each time the page is refreshed.

The test script is php, And the IE version is ie9. Other kernel browsers ff, chrome, and safari do not have this problem. When this problem was found, we made a login page and used $ _ SESSION to determine that ie could not be accessed, and other

iis7,iis7.5 in the high version of IE lost session, each refresh page, will generate a new SessionID

The test script is Php,ie version IE9, the other kernel browser Ff,chrome,safari does not have this problem. Found this problem, is to do a login page, using $_session to judge, IE is not logged up, other browsers no problem. After testing the

Vulnerabilities in SWFUpload in multiple web applications: W

Hello list! Earlier I 've wrote about Content Spoofing and Cross-Site ScriptingVulnerabilities in SWFUpload (http://securityvulns.ru/docs29181.html). ThisIs very popular flash-file, which is used at tens millions of web sites andIn hundreds of web

PHP Debugging Tools xdebug Detailed use tutorial

Xdebug is a php extension, the official address: https://xdebug.org/index.php, to help developers debug code, this article is mainly to share with you the PHP debugging tool xdebug Detailed use of the tutorial, the latest 2.6 version for the column

Php session basic knowledge

In php, session is a global variable on the server that can be transferred between pages. Therefore, session is often used for Logon verification by server-side User Members. session Security is also very high, next I will introduce the basic php

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