drupal debug function

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Experts teach you how to effectively learn Drupal-Drupal Q &

Q:How does one learn drupal?"When learning something new, you will often find that many of these aspects or the branch knowledge reserves are insufficient, and then you will learn other knowledge points. If you are confused, I would like to ask you

Drupal Common development Tools (ii)--drupal for Firebug

There are many development tools for Drupal, and Drupal for Firebug is also an important Drupal development tool in addition to the Devel modules mentioned in the Drupal Common development tools (a)--devel module.Please note that Drupal for Firebug

Drupal 8 Console Command-line tool

Reprint: HTTPS://YPLAM.COM/POST/79Drupal Console is a set of command-line tools for Drupal 8 that generates Drupal 8 template code and can interact with Drupal 8 apps.The Drupal Console is a bit similar to the familiar Drush, but offers a different

Drupal 7.31 SQL injection vulnerability exploitation and EXP, drupal7.31

Drupal 7.31 SQL injection vulnerability exploitation and EXP, drupal7.31Zookeeper This article and program will be published a few days later. However, it seems that the Drupal hole has not attracted much attention, so I do not have to pay attention

Drupal 7.31 SQL injection Analytics and POC

This loophole broke out yesterday, today only time to see the code.In Drupal, the execution of SQL statements is done using the PDO model, which generally avoids most injections because the use of placeholders limits the syntax of SQL statements.But

Tutorial on debugging variables in the Twig template in Drupal 8

Persist: to do good deeds, you must first sharpen your tools. There are also a lot of tips in Drupal topic development. Learning these skills will get twice the result with half the effort. Today we are introducing how to debug and print the

Drupal learns to use jquery

This section learns if you are interacting with jquery in Drupal.jquery is built-in support in Drupal. exists in the Misc directory of the root directory.jquery is automatically loaded when the Drupal_add_js method is called.Embed JS code in the

General methods of drupal8 and drupal7 modules

The bate version of drupal8 has come out, and I have nothing to worry about. I found that the directory structure has changed a lot. The theme and module of the website should be in the root directory themes and modules. Also compatible with d7

Resolve Drush command terminated abnormally due to a unrecoverable error

Today, when you use Drush, you suddenly find that you cannot use it, prompting for errors: Drush command terminated abnormally due to a unrecoverable error. [ERROR] After testing, not drush configuration problem, nor Drupal kernel problem, is that

Phplog PHP program debugging and tracking tools _php skills

Principle: 1. In the process of execution, record the variables you want to track and the call stacks and the parameters of each function call in the appropriate place. The information is recorded in a certain format to the file, a variable row,

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