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Use a stronger caching tool for Drupal-Redis

The difference between Memcache and Redis is not discussed in this article. Theoretically, if drupal's Redis module is reasonably written (without looking at the source code, let's make a rough estimate), Redis's Performance Improvement on drupal

Examples of PHP Techniques: algorithms for tree-shaped structures

Reproduced from the village of Joy, has read this article before, the story is still more clear.Product classification, multi-level tree structure of the Forum, mailing list and many other places we will encounter the problem: how to store the multi-

Php: tree structure algorithm

Php: tree structure algorithm. Read the php: tree structure algorithm, which is reprinted from The Joy village. I have read this article before and told you quite clearly. In terms of product classification, multi-level tree structure forums, mail

Key points and examples of secondary development of Drupal7form

This article mainly introduces the secondary development points and examples of Drupal7form, and solves the problem of jump after submitting a frequently used Form. if you need it, you can refer to Drupal Remember to add this article to favorites.

Symfony installation use, Symfony2 installation _php tutorial

Symfony installation use, SYMFONY2 installation Symfony is a powerful framework with DI features, and currently the most popular PHP development framework drupal,laravel The bottom-up is the use of symfony. To learn more about Symfony,

10 most common errors in PHP programming _ PHP Tutorial

The 10 most common errors in PHP programming. 10 most common errors in PHP programming this article lists some of the most common errors in php programming. This article lists 10. Error 1: After the foreach loop, the top 10 most common errors in for

Analysis of the 10 most common errors in PHP programming, analysis of php programming 10

Analysis of the 10 most common errors in PHP programming, analysis of php programming 10 At present, many of my friends are studying PHP and will always encounter various problems in daily program development projects. This article will introduce

Analysis of the 10 most common errors in PHP programming

PHP is a great web development language and flexible language, but we can see some mistakes made by php programmers. I made the following list to list the 10 errors that PHP programmers often make, most of which are related to security. Let's see if

10 most common errors in php programming

PHP is a very popular open-source server scripting language. most websites you see on the World Wide Web are developed using php. This article will introduce you to the 10 most common problems in PHP development and hope to help you. PHP is a very

Analysis of the 10 most common errors in PHP programming, a brief analysis of PHP programming 10_php tutorial

Analysis of the 10 most common mistakes in PHP programming 10 Currently learning PHP a lot of friends, in peacetime daily program development project always encounter a variety of problems, this experience will introduce PHP development in the 10

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