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Drupal output A user name problem with Drupal's theme function theme output _php tutorial

Today, I met the problem of Drupal output a user name, using the Drupal theme function theme output, and then search the data to find out the following content: 1, Theme (' username ', array (' account ' = $log)) call function, parameter 1 is hook, parameter 2 is parameter

Drupal Theme Drupal directory structure and request execution process

directory Structure Includes: Contains a library of functions commonly used by Drupal. Misc: Used to store JavaScript, and various other icons and picture files available in the Drupal installation. Modules: Contains all the core modules, one of which corresponds to a folder. Each module folder contains three basic files Module name The file that is executed when the Install module is installeddescripti

Drupal output a user name problem using drupal theme function output _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Drupal uses the theme function of drupal to output a user name. Today, I encountered the problem of using drupal to output a user name. I used drupal's theme function theme to output it. so I searched for information and found out

Build a new theme for Drupal 7

The topic explains the user interface (UI) of the Drupal Web site. Although the theme structure has not changed significantly, Drupal version 7 comes with a new approach to implementing the theme. This article demonstrates how to create a new Drupal 7 theme.The goal of the

Drupal output a user name using drupal theme function

Today, I encountered the problem of using drupal to output a user name. I used drupal's theme function theme to output it. so I searched for information and found out the following content: 1. theme ( #39; username #39;, array ( #39; account #39 ;=> $ log) call the function, parameter 1... "/> Today, I encountered th

[Drupal] Notes on some common theme Functions

Drupal is an excellent open-source CMS. Its topic template customization function is also very powerful. Yesterday, I wrote functions commonly used in joomla templates. Of course, Drupal is indispensable. When developing modules, you don't have to look down. Most of the following functions and methods are mostly used for templates and debugging topics. The description is only applicable to

Drupal Theme system: getting started and advanced tutorial

Drupal's visual control is the most flexible and customizable, but this system is complex and not intuitive enough. In addition, some authors who are not fluent enough often write obscureDrupal topic advanced featuresAnd so on, the passion for Theme learning is completely broken down. This article will introduce the principles, distribution, and usage of Theme from a relatively simple perspective.Working Pr

Drupal Theme Main file

**.info file **.info file is a required file: Drupal must include it in order to see the topic. The. info file tells the internal name of the Drupal topic. For example, if the name of this file is Ibmtheme.info, then the name Drupal gives to this topic will be ibmtheme. If your theme uses elements such as JavaScript, m

A Visual Studio replacement plugin for theme colors-theme Editor

Let's talk about some digression, Visual Studio is familiar with the most mainstream integrated development environment under the Windows platform, but why is Visual Studio calling this name? The literal translation of the word is the meaning of "visual workstation \ Drawing Station", because most of the user interface design needs to be implemented in code before visualstudio.net, and the appearance of Visual Studio changes the status quo, the developer only need to drag the control, the code i

Drupal 7 Configuration CKEditor and Ckfinder editor for picture uploading-no wysisyg

() { returnfalse;}This function checks for user authentication, changes to other authentication methods in other programs to return true, but cannot be changed directly to true, otherwise there will be security issues, and Drupal will have/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/includes/filemanager.config.php is responsible for inspection.Add the following code, the path is correct, if the file path is the same as mine' .. /.. /.. /.. /includes/filemanage

Drupal installs the CKEditor text editor, and configures the image upload function method two

Drupal Install CKEditor text Editor, and configure the image upload function method one describes the CKEditor installation and configuration method, in fact, there is another new method, not IMCE module. But need Ckfinder JS Library, can go to http://ckfinder.com/download download, download and put to Ites\all\modules\contrib\ckeditor folder,Then go to admin/config/content/ckeditor/edit/full and configure

VS 2010 Using the Color Theme editor Plugin

Use visual Studio color Theme Editor To change the theme color of VS 2010 or to configure your favorite colorsTools/Materials Visual Studio 2010 Visual Studio Color Theme Editor Install visual Studio Color Theme

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